Your Questions for the Author Answered

Somehow, I missed an update on what I’ve been writing. In September I turned in Endgames, an Imager Portfolio novel that is the sequel to Assassin’s Price. Endgames is currently scheduled for a February 2019 release, although that date may vary. In addition, I’ve completed and turned in a short story, “The Liberator,” for The Razor’s Edge, an anthology put out by the small press Zombies Need Brains, where all the stories deal with the fine line separating freedom fighters and terrorists. As I understand it, The Razor’s Edge is scheduled for release around Labor Day 2018. And, of course, I’m currently working on a Recluce novel which is the sequel to Outcasts of Order.

As I noted in the “News” section, I just turned in Outcasts of Order, now scheduled for publication in June, 2018. I will also have a story entitled, “Gold and Glory,” which will appear in an anthology entitled All Hail Our Robot Conquerers, scheduled for release this coming September from the small Press Zombies Need Brains. I’m now working on another Imager Portfolio novel which will be a sequel to Assassin’s Price, the Imager Portfolio book that will be out in late July.

I just recently turned in the final manuscript/electronic file for another Recluce Saga book, this one entitled, The Mongrel Mage, and Tor was kind enough to schedule it for November of 2017, although that could shift a month or so either way. I’ve spent a little time working on what I call a back-burner project, which means I’ll fit it in over the next several years, and I’m now working on another Recluce novel, the sequel to The Mongrel Mage. For anyone who hasn’t noticed, also, the release date for Recluce Tales has been moved up to January 3, 2017.

Just before I left for World Fantasy Convention, I turned in another Imager Portfolio book, this one entitled Assassin’s Price. It will be a bit before it’s scheduled, but Treachery’s Tools is now scheduled for release in the fall of 2016, most likely sometime in November. Recluce Tales is scheduled for release in February 2017. [NOTE– the release date of Treachery’s Tools has been moved up to October 11, 2016.]

As noted in the News and Updates section, I’ve just turned in a story collection — Recluce Tales — to Tor. I’m now working on another Imager Portfolio novel about an entirely new character.

A few days ago, I turned in the manuscript for the tenth Imager Portfolio book, tentatively entitled Treachery’s Tools. Tor has indicated that it will likely be published sometime in the summer of 2016. I am, of course, beginning work on a new book.

I’ve turned in the second version of the new SF novel — entitled Solar Express — which is a very “hard” SF novel set just about a hundred years in the future and which features as main characters a female post-doc astrophysicist manning a Farside lunar observatory and a male fusionjet pilot… and what happens to them both after she discovers a very long period comet. It’s tentatively scheduled for publication a year from now — in the fall of 2015.

I’ve just turned in the manuscript for the next Imager Portfolio book — Madness in Solidar, which takes place some 380 years after the Wars of Consolidation.  There’s no official publication date, but it will likely be released in either spring or summer of 2015.  I’m currently in the early stages of work on a comparatively near-future  [a century from now] SF novel, but, as usual, I won’t be saying much more about that until I’m much farther along.  For those who are interested, the release date of Heritage of Cyador is set for this coming November 18th.