Your Questions for the Author Answered

I’ve turned in the second version of the new SF novel — entitled Solar Express — which is a very “hard” SF novel set just about a hundred years in the future and which features as main characters a female post-doc astrophysicist manning a Farside lunar observatory and a male fusionjet pilot… and what happens to them both after she discovers a very long period comet. It’s tentatively scheduled for publication a year from now — in the fall of 2015.

I’ve just turned in the manuscript for the next Imager Portfolio book — Madness in Solidar, which takes place some 380 years after the Wars of Consolidation.  There’s no official publication date, but it will likely be released in either spring or summer of 2015.  I’m currently in the early stages of work on a comparatively near-future  [a century from now] SF novel, but, as usual, I won’t be saying much more about that until I’m much farther along.  For those who are interested, the release date of Heritage of Cyador is set for this coming November 18th.