Just before I left for World Fantasy Convention, I turned in another Imager Portfolio book, this one entitled Assassin’s Price. It will be a bit before it’s scheduled, but Treachery’s Tools is now scheduled for release in the fall of 2016, most likely sometime in November. Recluce Tales is scheduled for release in February 2017. [NOTE– the release date of Treachery’s Tools has been moved up to October 11, 2016.]

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  1. Bruce Trick says:

    Always glad to hear of new books in the queue. 🙂 I’ve just finished Solar Express – loved it. Looking forward to the Recluse Tales…and more Imager books.

  2. lee beagan says:

    Excellent! Glad that there a couple of new imager books in line, as well of course the other books as well. All I can repeat is.. Keep them coming please! 🙂

  3. Grey says:

    I may have missed something, but this means the next book from you is coming out in Fall 2016?

    1. That’s absolutely right. It’s not that I haven’t been writing; it’s that for corporate reasons, having to do with inflexible internal policies, Macmillan could schedule unwritten books they had under contract eighteen months in advance [other authors], but not a completed and delivered book of mine 14 months in advance, because I’ve chosen not to ask for or sign a contract until I’ve finished the first draft of a book. I’ve also never failed to deliver a book I’ve promised.

  4. Warren says:

    I am really looking forward to Assassin’s Price and Treachery’s Tools. The others sound interesting as well!

  5. David Penney says:

    I just finished The Towers of The Sunset like five seconds ago, and went on to buy all of the other recluce book up until Scion of Cyador. Your writings are amazing.They make me want to pick up the pen and complete some of my unfinished fantasy works. Keep up the good writing, I’m looking forward to many more great novels from you.

  6. Tom says:

    Has Tyrant’s Tools been renamed Treachery’s Tools?

    1. I’m totally confused by the question. It’s possible there’s a typo somewhere, but Treachery’s Tools has never had any other title.

      1. Elk Halpern says:

        Yes in fact it did. At least it did in the printed list of books facing the title page of the previous book in the series. Paperback version. Tyrant’s tools is listed as forthcoming.

        1. That’s true. I wrote a later post explaining how that happened.

  7. Don Stuber says:

    Dear L.E.,

    A friend introduced me to your works 6 months ago, and I have read the first 9 of Imager Portfolio. Needless to say, I greatly enjoy your works! At the rate you write, I might be able to keep up.

    I just joined http://www.Goodreads.com, and attempted to rate your works and list you as a favorite author, but found very little. I did see many other highly active authors. I suggest getting listed. Tor or a PR person may have thoughts on the subject.

    Keep ’em coming!


    1. That’s a bit odd, because I am listed on Goodreads.

  8. Don Stuber says:

    Earlier I saw a reference to Goodreads and registered. In the process of doing my profile, I saw the suggestion to select a favorite author.

    Just now I went back but could not recapture that request. I did manage to finish selecting your works that I have read.

    Oh, well, thanks for the response.

  9. Grey says:

    So, are you ready to reveal what you are working on now?

  10. Dana says:

    You are my favorite author. I love the Imager and Recluce books.

    My question is, how long did it take you to get good at writing? I mean at the level of being publishable. My dream is to get some of my books published but my writing isn’t that good. I always have great ideas but I struggle to turn it into a coherent manuscript. Sometimes I feel like I’m not cut out to be an author.

    1. My career has been anything but typical…or even representative. I started out as a poet, and got my first poem published [outside of scholastic anthologies]in a very small magazine in my early twenties. I was almost thirty when I wrote my first SF stories and got published. I struggled with stories, selling less than one in four for the next eight years before I finally wrote and sold a novel. Yet at the same time, in almost every job I had [and I worked full-time and more at other jobs for almost thirty years before I was successful enough to write full-time] professional writing was part of the requirements. I wrote economic reports, political research reports, speeches, technical papers, legislative analyses, etc. That’s the best answer I can give.

      1. David Penney says:

        Hello Modesitt. I just began “The Order War,” and I figured constructive criticism a decade late is just as good as any. I also have a question or two. Immediately upon opening the book I noticed a the difference in the tense of writing. Personally I have to say that after reading a few chapters, I enjoyed the present tense writing a great deal more than the past tense you have now switched to. (now meaning whenever you wrote the order war.) I believe the past tense dulls the scene to scene action compared to the present tense. I am definitely hoping the next book after this (the white order i think?) returns to the present tense writing.

        And for the question, what made you switch the tense of story telling.

        1. Throughout the Recluce books, I’ve used either past or present tense depending on the story and the character. It’s not a matter of when I wrote the book, but of the book. Roughly a third of the Recluce books are in present tense, and two-thirds in past tense. The last two published, for example, are in present tense.

  11. jackie l-j says:

    will the up coming titles be sold in audio format?

    1. Yes. Tantor will release the next three titles.

  12. Alain says:

    Hi Mister L.E.M,

    Hope you’re doing ok.

    Are we ever going to get another book set in Corus?

    Or more about Cyador’s Heirs?

    Or more set during Lorn’eth’alt’mer’s reign (my fav recluce character after portfolio’s Rhenn)?


    1. I have no immediate plans for another book in the Corean Chronicles. That’s all I can honestly say at this point.

      There won’t be another book about Lerial, but I won’t foreclose the possibility of other books set in Hamor.

      There are two stories in the forthcoming Recluce Tales which bear on Lorn.

  13. Michael says:

    I cannot wait for new fantasy books. Have always read fantasy and figured I’d give Solar Express a try and loved it. Gave The Forever Hero a read and it’s left me so depressed and saddened. It’s time to read more fantasy to recharge the batteries.

  14. Tom says:

    Glad to hear some new books are coming. I found myself liking the Imager series more than I thought I would and look forward to the new book. I know you mentioned that you didn’t have plans for another Corus book but it would be great to read something that takes place right after Soarer’s Choice.

  15. AL JENSEN says:


    1. At this point, I don’t have anything planned as a follow-up to The Ethos Effect.

  16. Bryan Perdue says:

    Just finished rereading the Imager Portfolio series… This time in chronological order…looking forward to next installments

  17. Jonnie Rogers says:

    I just purchased the recent Treachery’s Tools. Upon reading, I had an idea. I’m unsure if you have ever taken fan suggestions, but an effective method of capturing people for an imager would be to image a set of cuffs that have strong magnets on both rings that snap the person’s arms together preventing them from moving. I understand it is hard to image something in or on a moving object, but I’m sure there would be a way to make it work.

    May the Unnamed bless you.

  18. Vickie T says:

    Love your imager series, so different and fascinating! Each new set I don’t believe I will like them as much as the old characters but I fall in love with them, keep them coming!

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