The Saga of Recluce

Fairhaven Rising

Fairhaven Rising cover

Sixteen years have passed since the mage Beltur helped to found the town of Fairhaven, and Taelya, Beltur’s adopted niece, is now a white mage undercaptain in the Road Guards of Fairhaven. Fairhaven’s success under the Council has become an impediment to the ambition of the rulers of the adjoining lands of Hydlen, Certis, and Gallos, and the mages of Fairhaven are the only remaining obstacle to their ambition, now that the power of Fairhaven’s allies — Montgren and Lydiar — has waned. Taelya, a young and largely untried white mage, will find herself at the heart of a conspiracy to destroy her home and the people she loves, and she may not be powerful enough to stop it in time.

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Fairhaven Rising
A Tor Hardcover
February 16, 2021