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The Elysium Commission

A space opera and a future detective novel from a bestselling author

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L.E. Modesitt returns to SF with a whole new future world on the brink of destruction. A brilliant scientist on the planet Devanta has created a small universe contiguous to ours — and a utopian city on one of the planets. The question becomes, though, an utopia for whom? And why is a shady entertainment mogul subsidizing the scientist? More critical than that, does this new universe require the destruction of a portion — or all — of our universe in order to grow and stabilize? Blaine Donne is a retired military special operative now devoted to problem-solving for hire. He investigates a series of seemingly unrelated mysteries that arise with the arrival of a the woman with unlimited resources who has neither a present nor a past. The more he investigates, the more questions arise, including the role of the two heiresses who are more — and less — than they seem and the more Donne is pushed inexorably toward finding himself a pawn in an explosive solution and a regional interstellar war.

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The Elysium Commission
L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
0-765-31720-6 / $24.95
February 2007