The Saga of Recluce

Outcasts of Order

Although Beltur was one of the pivotal mages in the final battle to save the city of Elparta from the Prefect of Gallos, and nearly died as a result, his efforts have only made him a target of other jealous black mages, in particular one who wants Beltur out of the way so that he can court and have the healer Jessyla, who much prefers Beltur. Then, too, Beltur’s work with the smith Jorhan has resulted in the rediscovery of the way to forge cupridium, and both Beltur and Jorhan are on their way to modest prosperity, until the traders who rule Elparta decide to force the two to work for nothing and a power hungry black mage joins with the traders, leaving the two no way to make a living and nowhere to go with winter looming.

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Outcasts of Order
A Tor Hardcover
June 19, 2018