I’ve finally finished the last editorial revisions on another Recluce novel — Fairhaven Rising — and my editor will be putting it into the production process shortly. Since I’m not much for spoilers, I’ll just say that the events take place some sixteen years after the end of The Mage-Fire War, and the protagonist isn’t Beltur.

With that novel finished, I’m switching gears slightly, and exploring and developing the background for a brand new fantasy series with an entirely different magic system in an entirely new world. And no, it’s not far enough along to say more.

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  1. Matt says:

    So this means there are now two upcoming Recluce novels? Nice. Looking forward to this new series as well.

  2. Wine Guy says:

    Imaging, Talent, Order-Chaos, Spellsong, and Cyber-warriors. I’m very interested in seeing what this new system brings!

  3. I’m looking forward immensely to the two written-but-not-yet-published Recluce novels, but am also eager to see a new fantasy milieu from you. Thank you for providing such thoroughly enjoyable books!

  4. Chris Ryan says:

    Easily my favorite series and author. Thankyou for your wonderful writing, I re-read The Saga of Recluce over and over again.

  5. Alain says:

    Wow. Just 16 years on. Then Beltur (I’m re-reading “The Mongrel Mage” now) should still be alive , assuming nothing fatal happened to him during ‘Mage-Fire War” or in the intervening years prior. Can’t wait!!

    As always, many thanks!

  6. Bea Barber says:

    Just read your blog comments about dragons. I recommend taking a look at Peter Dickinson’s marvellous book The Flight of Dragons – published back in the 70s or 80s I think. His take on it concentrates on the bio-physics of flight, not the magic. His theory is that they flew because they were very large. And a whole of lot of other ‘draconic’ traits stem from the necessary adaptations. Convinced me.

  7. Gordon says:

    Just finished The Mage-Fire War. A great read. Any idea when the next book, Fairhaven Rising, will be available on kindle?

    1. CORRECTIONFairhaven Rising is scheduled for release in January 2021.

      [I just plain screwed up on the year. Somehow, even though I knew it was seventeen months away, I still typed in the wrong year.]

    2. Warren says:

      It is now scheduled for release on February 16th 2021. Since it is in “The Saga of Recluce” series it should as great as the rest of them.

  8. Darrell Frazier says:

    Finished The Mage-Fire War last night. Thoroughly enjoyed the read as with all the Recluce books. As always, fighting to save your home and your people comes at a price and real heroes are those who draw the line in the sand and say we won’t walk away. Great characters and thoughtful ethical perspective. So glad we don’t have to wait til next summer for the next Recluce novel.

    1. I screwed up on the date. Fairhaven Rising won’t come out until January 2021. I’m sorry for inadvertently misleading everyone.

      1. Michael Rowney says:

        Just finishing Fairhaven Rising in the Recluse Mongrel Mage series.
        Desperately hoping for a sequel!!!

        1. Alas… there won’t be a sequel, if there is one, for a while. There are three Recluce books coming, but they’re set in the earlier years of Cyador, beginning with From the Forest, which is scheduled for release next February.

  9. Shehreyar Khan says:

    I haven’t yet read the Mage-Fire War, but I’m guessing the protagonist of Fairhaven Rising is likely to be Taelya, who is a budding white mage.

    I’m very grateful for the Recluce series and even after so many years, every new book is as exciting as the first Recluce novel I read.

  10. Milford Havens says:

    Just finished reading the Mage-Fire War. Like all Recluse books, it is a keeper one must re-read many times. The enjoyment just gets greater over time. Thanky you!

    I must ask however…will there be more imager novels in the future?

    1. Thank you for your kind words about The Mage-Fire War.

      For better or worse, I have no plans for more Imager novels.

      1. Chris M says:

        Mage-Fire War was a great book as all of your books are!! I’m. Looking forward to Fairhaven Rising in January 2022!!!

  11. Alan says:

    Having finished Mage-Fire Wars, I am really looking forward to the next book, though I am quite saddened to have to wait so long! Like others I speculate it being about Taelya. And I suspect the establishment of Fairhaven in full force.

    Of equal interest to me are the new science fiction novel and the new series with new magic. The intricate and in depth worlds you create are a big part of what I love about your writing.

  12. kai says:

    It seems that most of the Recluse main characters always drink lager or ale, even while on duty as soldiers.
    Please convince my sergeant to let me fill my canteen with lager. Better yet, all military worldwide should realize that lager is good for soldiers! 🙂

    1. R. Hamilton says:

      This was of course true in the real world in some sense or another, since water could not be counted on to be safe to drink. Nowadays, we supply good water if we can, or purification tablets (invented early in the 20th century) when we can’t. And where logistics or cost doesn’t prevent it, we have the option of refrigeration for milk, juice, etc. Before that, the only things reasonably safe were well-boiled water, or alcoholic beverages, at least unless you had a good well far out in the boonies, and were careful to keep anything from falling in and contaminating it.

      FWIW, some places at least accommodate shift workers to the extent of having the club open for a couple of hours after the last night shift. (or at least that was true at some facilities with a high density of shift workers, back in the mid the 70’s) No downside of less-than-sober on duty for that.

  13. David says:

    Too bad about Imager series. I was a bit surprised that you have another Recluce book coming. It seems like you are tying up the loose ends on that universe as well.

  14. R. Hamilton says:

    You do enjoy taking the difficult way to get there, right? I’ve always wondered why Fairhaven was biased to the point of believing their own propaganda (“The Book of Ayrlyn” was downright factual compared to “Colors of White”, yet even the relatively honest Kinowin regarded the former as more deceptive than the latter). Given that Fairhaven was founded to be open to black and white mages alike, you’ve got a job to do to explain how incredibly distorted it got, esp. since at least until the successful use of black mages in battle, most rulers tended to patronize white mages for their obvious ability to apply force. Should be interesting! And of course the amount of continuity that you’ve already created to be consistent with should add to the challenge.

    1. Ross says:

      Hamilton, I agree with your statements and look forward to how he brings things together. I love the fact you brought up the differences of the “books”. I think his time in the military brings light to history books and biographies…”he who win wars, or pays enough money, writes history”. Propaganda warfare versus personal perception is awesome.

  15. LauraA says:

    I just finished “The Mage-Fire War” too. Thanks for writing it! I’ve been hoping that Beltur will get to pursue his interests in teaching and education more generally – I’ve pictured him starting an academy in Fairhaven.

  16. Thomas Belford says:

    I’ve already read Mage Fire War twice and enjoyed it thoroughly both times. I was sincerely hoping for another follow up to explore the growth of Fairhaven. You’ve been my favourite fantasy author for over two decades now. I’m, of course, chagrined to have to wait until January 2021 but life seems to keep presenting me with more opportunities to embrace my needs for patience.

  17. Henry keen says:

    Just finished mage fire war and it didn’t disappoint. Looking forward to Fairhaven rising. I was wondering if your new sci-fi book coming out is the one we talked about a few years ago.Being possibly a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy? Also looking forward to your new fantasy book with the all new magic system. You do not disappoint my friend :)Thank you for a lifetime of entertainment.

    1. Quantum Shadows is indeed a mixture of science fiction and fantasy and is currently scheduled for release next July.

  18. Ryan Schmitz says:

    Any news on the new fantasy series? Just curious since it has been six months since you posted this…

    1. I’m still working on it. There won’t be any more news until I finish it.

  19. Lizl Bennefeld says:

    I was so hoping there would be another Beltur book. Thank you!

    1. Beltur’s in the book, but he’s not the protagonist.

  20. Jason Sizemore says:

    Are you planning in the future to add one or two more books that fall after Scion of Cyador and before Fall of Angels in the Recluce timeline? Would interested in seeing how Lorn and his descendants ruled as well as the events leading up to Fall of Angels. Love the series and looking forward to reading more of your books!!

    1. Right now, I haven’t planned what Recluce book I will next write, since I have a book to finish and another to write before I can think about that.

  21. John says:

    I have enjoyed the entire set of Recluce novels but had one question,. Have you ever been approached about converting these to a set of movies?

    1. No… I’ve never had an inquiry about movie rights. I have been approached twice about game rights, but the option was never exercised.

      1. Brandon A. Roussin says:

        Your Series totally need to be made into tv series not movies! I would love someone like HBO, Netflix, Hulu, etc. to bring your stories to life on the TV. they truly deserve to be seen on the big screen! I have reread all of your fantasy series multiple times now and I can’t thank you enough for them. they have really inspired me to change in life and be such a better person. they have also given me hope and encouragement to push through the hard times and know I am not alone in what I deal with. thank you so much. can’t wait for your new books!

  22. Doug says:

    As an avid reader of your Recluse and Imager series I re-read them a LOT. I have a quick question: I found out about Fairhaven Rising upcoming and am wondering if you have planned to put the Imager series to bed?

    1. The Imager Portfolio series is finished. If I write any more books in Terahnar, it won’t be for some considerable time, and they’ll likely be ancient history.

      1. Brandon A. Roussin says:

        I would love to know about the ancient race of imagers that you reference to in the Lydar time period who ruled long ago before the modern countries. I’ve always hoped you would go back to fill us in on them like you did with Cyador in Recluse.

  23. Scott says:

    Have you ever considered doing a book on how the rationalists landed on the world. Like a reverse fall of angels? Love your books and always eagerly await the next!

    1. It’s unlikely that I’ll write such a book. Most likely, the closest to that is something I already wrote — “The Vice Marshal’s Trial” — which is the first story in Recluce Tales.

  24. KATHLEEN says:

    Happy New Year to my absolute favorite bard!

    1. Thank you… and a Happy New Year to you as well.

  25. KATH says:

    Hi Mr. Modesitt and everyone. Any chance we could get the publishers to let us have the books published earlier to relieve the quarantine downs?

  26. Callie says:

    So very nice to hear. Bring them on.

  27. patrick richards says:

    I own complete edition of hardback books of Recluce. have read all at least twice. alot like Lorn series at least 5 times. can’t wait for new novel to come out. I’m a avid reader and enjoy the Recluce the most.

  28. Steve Salter says:

    I don’t know where to leave this, but as they say “Here’ll do…”

    I’ve tried to contact Amazon about an issue with your catalogue but any response has been totally underwhelming so I thought I would try to get in touch with you.

    Any link for Saga of Recluce: Books 10-13: Magi’i of Cyador, Scion of Cyador, The Wellspring of Chaos, Ordermaster falls over (thrid collection). It only takes you to the second collection.

    I have these books in print, but want them on my Kindle for when I’m travelling…

    Apart from that, keep up the great work. You had me with Lerris, and I’ve followed ever since.

    1. I’m a little confused here. I get a good link for those four… BUT… it may be that you’re ordering or your address is in England, Australia, or New Zealand… where you can’t buy those four books as a bundle because the ebook rights for one of the books are still held by my former British publisher. If you’re not ordering from there, let me know, and I’ll see what I can discover.

  29. Thomas Belford says:

    Are any other books being released in 2021 after Fairhaven Rising comes out please?

    1. Actually, there is another book coming out. Isolate, the first book in the new series, “The Grand Illusion,” will be out in October.

  30. Stuart says:

    Just finished Fairhaven Rising. Fantastic read, as always a great addition to the recluse series.
    I have to say it’s cost me a lot of sleep though. Well worth it.

  31. Eric Miller says:

    I love your books! I have read almost all of them! Just keep writing. Is there a way to get notified when a new book is being published? Thanks for the years of reading!

  32. Jeff N says:

    After reading Fairhaven Rising, I reread “The Stranger” and “Songs Past, Songs for Those to Come”. It’s interesting to see how they connect to each other. The big mystery now is, as Mr Hamilton mentioned, how Beltur’s Fairhaven and command structure develops into the Fairhaven that Bard visits.

    I’ll need to see if I missed a reference to Fenardre the Great…

    1. Matt says:

      I liked the book as well and like you…I am wondering how Belturs Fairhaven moves from a haven for black mages that accepts all mages becomes the White City. Would be interesting to see a novel where some character is penciling colors of white.

  33. Doug Roach says:

    Just finished reading “Fairhaven Rising” for the 2nd time, fantastic book, but now I’m racking my brain how to transition from it to “The Towers of Sunset “! Quite a change in a couple of hundred years.

  34. Anne says:

    About to start reading Fairhaven Rising, but so many of your books are linked super closely and leave cliff hangers. When will the next Recluce novel be out, and will it be in the same storyline?

    And unrelated, will you be adding to the Imager series? I couldn’t get into it as a kid, but I’m so glad I picked it up again, and I didn’t want it to end!

    1. Right now I’m working on another Recluce novel, but it’s not far enough along to say more.

      I have no immediate plans to write more Imager books, but if you liked those, there’s a good chance you’ll like the new series — “The Grand Illusion.” The first book is Isolate and will be out in mid-October.

  35. Don says:

    I greatly enjoy all the Recluse series of books. I see in your last reply on September 7,2021 you were working on a new Recluse book. And since we are just starting March of 2022. Wondering if you could please give us another update on it.
    Thank you

  36. Don says:

    Any updates available on Recluse book you were working on ?

    1. I’ve turned in a manuscript to my editor. As soon as I have a contract, I’ll provide more details. The process has taken much longer than usual because of a variety of issues having nothing to do with me or the book, but I don’t feel comfortable saying much more yet.

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