Those readers who enjoy the Recluce books will be glad to know that I’ve just turned in the second book about Alyiakal, entitled Overcaptain, which is tentatively scheduled for publication for early in 2025, roughly a year after From the Forest [the first book about Alyiakal], which is now scheduled for release in February 2024.

I’ve also written and turned in a F&SF short story, entitled “The Unexpected Dachshund,” for an animal benefit anthology called Instinct, which is supposed to be out in 2023, but I don’t have any more details at the moment.

The cover for Contrarian, the third book in “The Grand Illusion,” which will be published next August, has just been revealed.

In the meantime, I’m working on the third book about Alyiakal.

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  1. K Mccullough says:


  2. Alan says:

    A great update to receive. It’s always good to know that you’re quite busy in these universes, creating new stories for us and to find out what is coming on the horizon.

    Thank you.

  3. Wine Guy says:

    Great news! The Alyiakal short story was quite the teaser…

  4. Andhaka says:

    Well done!

    Some writers should learn from you what it means to work and respect schedules!!

  5. Bruce Trick says:

    Great to know there are several works to look forward to in the future. 🙂

  6. Val McOmber says:

    Excited for the new entries into a great series! My greatest regret is that the publishers schedule insist on a year between entries. I think there would not be drop off of revenue if they would release as soon as it’s ready. I prefer to read a trilogy back-to-back – it improves the immersion experience etc. So WAITING 3 yr is not fun. It probably decreased my buying – and thus is not to the publishers best interests either.

    1. J Lambert says:

      I wonder if the thing with the delayed schedule is to get us thinking about and anticipating Mr. Modesitt’s upcoming works for a longer period of time, and thus more likely to pick up parts of his back catalog that we haven’t read yet? Or to shop for more books in general.

      I’m very happy to hear about the 3 Alyiakal novels. Good choice of story to dig into. It’s hard to imagine having to wait a year and a half for the first one and then another year, but the time will pass.

      I will need to go back and reread Corean Chronicles, or maybe finally get into Imager. I think if I do Imager I will need to go the Library route. The wife will only put up with the book collection growing so far so fast 😮 But I will definitely be buying the new Recluce, always.

    2. Jim Ewins says:


    3. Lawrence says:

      Honestly I just wait for it to be done and then buy all three. I’ll rarely pick up a first book until the end is in sight. There are lots of books by LEM (arguably my fav. author) which I’ve waited years to read (purchase) because I hate being stranded waiting for the next installment. Thank goodness most clusters are only 2 to 3 books long.

  7. LauraA says:

    I just finished Councilor. Thank you for writing it! My two favorite parts (which I think I can mention without being too spoilery) are Dekkard’s growing friendship with a councilor from a different political party, and this observation:

    “…was the real difference between the reformers, like Obreduur, and the extremists, whether revolutionaries like the Meritorists, or reactionaries like Minz and Ulrich, that reformers tried to balance the possible improvement against the costs, while the extremists seldom considered the costs, either in marks or deaths?”

  8. Alecia Flores says:

    I’ve read the steampunk books twice now, & I am anxious to see where you go next, esp given the title- what or whom is Dekkard conciliating (I have a few ideas myself)? I’m also guessing a deceased isn’t, but that’s my problem. Can’t hardly wait to read it!

  9. Janice Kitchen says:

    I don’t know if I can wait until August! I miss when I just discovered your books and I had so many to buy and to read. I think you were on The White Order when I picked up my first book so I had a lot to get caught up on. Can’t wait for the three new books and new characters for Recluse – exciting!

  10. Ryan pod says:

    It’s a shame they won’t release them as fast as you write them. Thank you for the steady lifetime worth of releases like clockwork. I will simply never stop buying your works. Live long and prosper.

  11. Steven Hager says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you have any appearances planned for 2023? I really would like to get Isolate signed!

    1. At this point, I don’t have any appearances scheduled. For here on, any appearances I do make will likely be limited, since I’m certainly no spring chicken, as the saying goes.

      1. Steven Hager says:

        Understandable! Health comes first! Thank you for the response and the hours of enjoyment reading your books. Happy Holidays!

  12. Kristina Williams says:

    You are honestly my favorite author. I own all of your books. Thank you so much for the reads and endless rereads I have experienced at your hand. I appreciate your mind and your books mean a lot to me. Thank you.

  13. Jacob Bruinsma says:

    Great. I always hoped you’d write those books about Alyiakal.

  14. Tom says:

    Thank your for The Unexpected Dachshund. In my second childhood; the delight was palpable.

    My respect for your intellect was increased further when I researched some factors you used in the story. I am sure that those in their first childhood knew exactly what/who you were referring to even if I had no idea.

    1. I’m glad you liked The Unexpected Dachshund, especially since I write so little short fiction.

  15. John says:

    I love this world and am on my yearly reread of Magii and scion of cyador and cannot wait for the stories of alyiakal.
    Have you thought about expanding more in the world around lorns time? I grew up with these two books and always yearned for more with him after he ascends the throne.
    Love your work

  16. Carl C Federl says:

    Amazon has a publication date of January 23, 2024 for “From the Forest”

  17. Fred Warren says:

    You’ve mentioned this as the first trilogy of the grand illusion series. I very much hope other clusters are coming because it’s a world and a group of characters I’m hoping to spend much more time with. Having just finished reading the Contrarian I see how it wraps up well enough, but there is a lot I’m still hoping to experience.

  18. Joseph Tobin Messinger says:

    Thank you for writing this series. It has reignited my passion for pleasure reading. I’m a way in glad I’m only discovering it now, I have so much to read!

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