Your Questions for the Author Answered

Recluce Tales Named A Best Fiction Book of 2017

Kirkus Reviews just released their listings of the best fiction of 2017, and Recluce Tales was named as one of the best fantasy and science fiction books.

This the fourth time my books have received that honor, the previous best F&SF fiction winners from Kirkus being Scholar[2011], The Eternity Artifact [2005], and Archform Beauty [2002].

San Francisco Comic Con Appearance Cancelled

My previously scheduled appearance at the San Francisco Comic Con has been cancelled. This was not my doing, but occurred, as I’ve been told, because the Comic Con was unable to handle a number of F&SF authors, despite a previous contractual agreement. Other participants besides those authors have also reportedly had difficulties, but I do not know either the details or the reasons for these difficulties.

San Francisco Comic Con Appearance

Although I’m not doing as many conventions this year, I will be at the San Francisco Comic Con, held at the Moscone Center West on September 1-3.

You can find me at the Bard’s Tower Booth with an assortment of books.

New Recluce Novel

I’ve just turned in the final version of Outcasts of Order, the “next” (and 20th) Recluce novel, which is scheduled for release in June of 2018. Outcasts is a sequel to The Mongrel Mage, which will be out this coming October. Both books feature Beltur, a young adult raised by his uncle, a white mage in Fenard, but matters get very chancy for the two of them when the Prefect of Gallos and his power-seeking white Arms-Mage decide to require all mages in Gallos to swear absolute political allegiance to the Prefect and the Arms-Mage. At the time of this decision, the Prefect sends Beltur’s uncle, and Beltur, on an expedition to deal with grassland nomads who are purportedly stealing women. From there, needless to say, matters get much worse, very much worse.

Treachery’s Tools

Treachery’s Tools, the tenth book in the Imager Portfolio, had its official release today, and is available in hardcover and e-book format from Tor books, and in audiobook form from Tantor Media, and also through Audible.

Thirteen years after Madness in Solidar, the high Holders should have learned that it’s not a good idea to apply treacherous tactics to the Collegium, especially not when Alastar is still the Maitre, even if he is growing a bit older, but like most parents of a ten year old daughter, when the High Holders start targeting student imagers, including Alastar’s daughter Lystara, there’s nothing Alastar won’t try to protect them — and her. And Alyna, his wife and Lystara’s mother, can be even more deadly. But will that deadliness be enough against an army mutiny, thousands of armed High Holder troopers, and treachery everywhere, possibly even within the Collegium and the Rex’s palace?

Recluce Tales

First off, Recluce Tales will be available in audiobook format from Tantor Media. Because story collections don’t always sell as well as novels, even collections with almost entirely new material like Recluce Tales, I wasn’t certain whether it would appear in audiobook… but it will.

Second, I’ve been working with Tor and for some “advance” goodies and tidbits that will hopefully tantalize readers in the months before Recluce Tales is published on January 3rd. I’m not about to reveal those yet, and you won’t see them until sometime this fall… but they are coming.