Your Questions for the Author Answered

Quantum Shadows E-Book Promo

For the remainder of the month of March, the e-book version of Quantum Shadows is available at $2.99.

So if you were waiting for a less expensive version of the book, this is your chance.

Recluce Tales E-Promotion

Tor has just informed me that the e-book version of Recluce Tales will be sale at $2.99 for the entire month of February.

For those who just want a peek at the world of Recluce or those on a budget in these difficult times it’s a great deal… and for those who’ve read many of the novels in the Saga of Recluce, but aren’t so sure about shorter work, there’s a solid novella included, and more than a few “Easter Eggs.”

The Mongrel Mage — On Sale

For those who haven’t noticed it, the Kindle edition of The Mongrel Mage is currently on sale for $2.99, and will be available for that price throughout January 2021.

More Audiobooks Coming

For those of you who like my work in audio format, the latest news is that Tantor Media, an imprint of RBMedia, has purchased the rights to produce 17 backlist titles of my work. This arrangement will mean that all of my fiction will be available in audio format, and these titles will be able to be purchased either through Tantor or through Audible.

The titles involved include the four Ecolitan books, the three Ghost books, both Timegod books, Archform:Beauty, Flash, The Eternity Artifact, The Ethos Effect, The Octagonal Raven, Empress of Eternity, The Elysium Commission, and Viewpoints: Critical [collected stories].

At this point, because there isn’t a production/publication schedule yet, I don’t know which of these titles will come first or in what order, but, at times like these, good news shouldn’t be hoarded.

Authors’ Most Memorable Meals

Lawrence M. Schoen, an American author, publisher, psychologist, hypnotist, and expert in the Klingon language — and a friend — has compiled what may be one of the more fascinating F&SF books for this year — EATING AUTHORS: One Hundred Writers’ Most Memorable Meals .

Laurence, in addition to having written some notable SF, is also a gourmand and is married to a gourmet chef, and he’s known for putting together gourmet dinners for other authors at outstanding restaurants in the vicinity of F&SF conventions (we each paid for our own meals, but I doubt we ever would have found the restaurants outselves). Less fortunately, he recently recovered from prolonged cancer treatments, and as both thanks and payback, he has put together EATING AUTHORS as a kickstarter project, but 100% of any profits after publication costs will go to Cancer Research and the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund.

And yes, I am one of the authors who provided a memorable meal… and it’s likely to be one of the most memorable meals you’ve ever read about.

The kickstarter will go live tomorrow, and the link to the campaign’s webpage is:

Thoughts on Poetry

The Tor/Forge Blog has just published a post where I talk about poetry in various books of mine.

The link is Once a Poet

Quantum Shadows is Out

My latest book — Quantum Shadows — is out and is available in ebook, hardcover, and audiobook formats.

Follow Corvyn, the Shadow of the Raven (and perhaps a bit more) as he tries to save humanity from itself.

One-Eyed Man Promotion

Just on this coming Saturday, April 4th, Tor is making the e-book version of The One-Eyed Man available for just $2.99.

Because it’s just a one-day promotion, let friends or relatives know that, if they haven’t read any of my science fiction, this is a good opportunity to pick up one of my favorite titles for a whole lot less.

New Story and Shapers of Worlds

For the last two years, the Canadian author and small press publisher Edward Willett has been doing a podcast called The Worldshapers, where he interviews F&FS authors. He recently decided to put together an anthology of stories from the authors he interviewed in first year, and I happened to be one of those authors.

The anthology, unsurprisingly, is called Shapers of Worlds, and the catch is that it’s a kickstarter project, and you won’t get to read my new story unless the kickstarter funds. Among the authors who’ve agreed to provide a brand new story are: David Weber, Tanya Huff, D.J. [Dave] Butler, Seanan McGuire, Christopher Ruocchio, and, of course, me. Other noted authors are providing previously published stories.

If you’re interested, here’s the site. The URL is, or the much shorter

Legacies — Low-Price Promotion

For the next several weeks, the ebook version of Legacies, the first book of the Corean Chronicles, will be sale for $2.99, including Kindle, Nook, and Kobo formats.

If you haven’t tried this series, it’s a good and inexpensive way to see if you or your friends would like it.

ENDGAMES –EBook Special Price

The kindle ebook version of Endgames will be available as a goldbox Black Friday special for $2.99 ONLY on November 29th.

The Mage-Fire War Is Out!

Today is the release date of The Mage-Fire War, the third book about Beltur and Jessyla, and the 22nd book of the Recluce Saga.

The Mage-Fire War is available in hardcover, ebook, or audiobook., and is a very brief 544 pages in hardcover.

The Mage-Fire War has just published the first three chapters of The Mage-Fire War, the third book about Beltur, Jessyla, Lhadoraak, Tulya… and Taelya.

Here’s the link.

The complete novel will be released on August 13th,

The One-Eyed Man

For those looking for a bargain, THE ONE-EYED MAN will be receiving an eBook downprice promotion beginning on April 22, 2019. The book will be $2.99 as part of a tie-in with Environmental SF as a part of a Kindle Gold Box.

Fantasy Focus Podcast

Jamie at Fantasy Focus did an interview, and for those who are interested, here’s the link.
Fantasy Focus

EBook Deals

Tor has informed me that two of my titles will be receiving an eBook downprice promotion. They are:

SOLAR EXPRESS $2.99 on March 4th

OUTCASTS OF ORDER $2.99 on March 10th

According to Tor, this promotion will tease new titles in both of the eBooks for THE ONE-EYED MAN and THE MONGREL MAGE respectively. In particular the promotion for SOLAR EXPRESS is tied into the upcoming film release of Captive State.

In addition, SOLAR EXPRESS will be part of Kindle Goldbox while OUTCASTS OF ORDER will be part of a Macmillan Goldbox as well as being on BookBub. 

Gulf Coast Fan Fest

A very recent addition to my schedule is The Gulf Coast Fan Fest, a comic con by any other name, set for October 13-14, in Biloxi, Mississippi.

I can’t say much about it, because I’ve never been there, but I’ll be at the Bard’s Tower booth there, and I’m looking forward to it, since I’ve never even been in the area, except when I flew over it while I was training as a Navy pilot.

Bard’s Tower will have stacks of my books there, as well as books of other authors who are attending as well.

The Razor’s Edge

Last year, Zombies Need Brains published one of my stories in a kickstarter-funded anthology, and this year I have another story – “The Liberator” — in another ZNB anthology, entitled The Razor’s Edge, which will be released June 15th.

Right now, you can preorder the Kindle and Nook version at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can preorder the trade paperback version at the ZNB online store. You can also preorder the Kickstarter edition and cover art print there.

Here’s the official blurb:

The Razor’s Edge:

One man’s insurgent is another man’s freedom fighter…
From The Moon is a Harsh Mistress to The Hunger Games, everyone enjoys a good rebellion. There is something compelling about a group (or individual) who throws caution to the wind and rises up in armed defiance against oppression, tyranny, religion, the government—you name it. No matter the cause, or how small the chance, it’s the courage to fight against overwhelming odds that grabs our hearts and has us pumping our fists in the air. Win or lose, it’s the righteous struggle we cherish, and those who take up arms for a cause must walk The Razor’s Edge between liberator and extremist. With stories by Blake Jessop, William C. Dietz, D.B. Jackson, Gerald Brandt, Sharon P. Goza, Walter H. Hunt, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Kay Kenyon, Steve Perry, Seanan McGuire, Christopher Allenby, Chris Kennedy, L.E. Modesitt, Jr., Alex Gideon, Brian Hugenbruch, and Y.M. Pang.

Recluce Tales Named A Best Fiction Book of 2017

Kirkus Reviews just released their listings of the best fiction of 2017, and Recluce Tales was named as one of the best fantasy and science fiction books.

This the fourth time my books have received that honor, the previous best F&SF fiction winners from Kirkus being Scholar[2011], The Eternity Artifact [2005], and Archform Beauty [2002].