Barnes & Noble is offering a 25% off sale on all pre-ordered books for just three days, starting tomorrow, January 26th.

That means you can get Councilor for25% off, either in hard-cover or in ebook.

Details at B&N:

Dates: 1/26/22-1/28/22

Main landing page: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/b/25-off-list-price-on-all-pre-order-books/_/N-2vsy

eBook landing page: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/b/25-off-list-price-on-all-pre-order-books/_/N-2vsyZ1z13q39

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4 thoughts on “SPECIAL 25% off on COUNCILOR”

  1. Tom says:

    Barnes and Noble has placed Councilor into preorder status. Only a Nook or e-version.
    I got caught out with the Canadian anthology thinking it would not come out as a real book. Am I right to expect Councilor will come out in hardback eventually?

    1. Councilor is still scheduled as a real hardcover with an August 2022 release date.

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks. B&N put the hardcover offer up as pre-order as well.

    I looked at Scott Drakeford’s blog which included a statement about author income per book. It seems as if writers get least from paperback editions and about the same from eBooks as they do from Hardcover. Is this about right? May be that is why some authors are now selling autographed hardcover books for an added 20% cost through retailers.

    Hardcovers may thus become things of the past!

    1. We definitely get less from mass market paperbacks. Some twenty-five years ago, the lower rate didn’t matter as much, because the bulk of the sales were in those mass-markets, and some of the sales numbers were enormous. I think Scott’s a little off with his figures. Although ebooks are eating into hard-cover sales, authors still get more per book from hardcovers, because while the royalty rate on ebooks is higher, it’s based on a percentage of the publisher’s net revenue, while royalties on hardcovers are based on the list price, regardless of the actual sales price, and the list price for my books is usually double the list price for an ebook released at the same time as a hardcover. Once a paperback is released, the ebook price drops, usually to a shade less than $10, but even so, the lowest ebook revenue per book is almost always higher than for mass market paperbacks.

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