I just recently turned in the final manuscript/electronic file for another Recluce Saga book, this one entitled, The Mongrel Mage, and Tor was kind enough to schedule it for November of 2017, although that could shift a month or so either way. I’ve spent a little time working on what I call a back-burner project, which means I’ll fit it in over the next several years, and I’m now working on another Recluce novel, the sequel to The Mongrel Mage. For anyone who hasn’t noticed, also, the release date for Recluce Tales has been moved up to January 3, 2017.

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  1. Arin Komns says:

    Good news! What else do you have in the upcoming publishing schedule? Any short stories (other than Recluce Tales) appearing anywhere, or new SF?

    1. Not at the moment, alas.

  2. Gene Brandt says:


    Thank you for the update, it is appreciated. Have an excellent day.


  3. Bruce Trick says:

    I have been hoping for an update for a while. Great news! More reading to look forward to. 🙂

  4. Shehreyar says:

    This is incredible news. I was excited to hear about Treachery’s Tools and Assassin’s Price, and now this! I really can’t wait.

  5. Brian says:

    I’m happy to hear that you’re not finished with Recluce quite yet! I recently began reading the Imager Portfolio, and while I am enjoying it more than I thought I would, quite a lot more actually, it will never be quite the same as my love for all things Recluce.

  6. lee beagan says:

    Excellent news! I look forward to reading these new novels. Care to share in which era/time line they fall into among the other series?

    1. Treachery’s Tools begins 13 years after Madness in Solidar. The Mongrel Mage takes place some 250 years after Heritage of Cyador , and the stories in Recluce Tales begin well before Magi’i of Cyador and end after The Death of Chaos.

      1. lee beagan says:

        thank you.

  7. Chad B says:

    Can’t wait to read Treachery’s Tools! I’m a big fan of the Imager series!

    I’m curious about Assassin’s Price. Will that deal with new characters? What timeline does that fall into? Is there any updates on the release date?


    1. Assassin’s Price is currently scheduled for a July 2017 release, and the events begin roughly three years after the end of Treachery’s Tools. None of the characters are new, but the POV changes. And no, I won’t say to whom. Not yet.

      1. David R. says:

        I just finished Treacherys Tools. Way good job. I’m loving learning the history of Solidarity leading up to the first Trilogy. Seems to me the next book might involve the end of the Rexes. Looking forward to Alayna or Lystara as the POV.

  8. Paul P says:

    So excited about your continued efforts on the Recluse series! Thank you!

  9. aleciaf says:

    I’m just finishing a binge read of all of your hard SciFi (I’m currently on Stittara), and not looking forward to ending this effort. Is there anything in the works in this genre? I love your work (although I am still wondering what you were ingesting when writing Hammer Of Darkness) in hard science fiction, but I know that the money is in fantasy now. How about a sequel on anyone of your prior worlds?

    1. At the moment, I’m focused on a Recluce novel. After that, I’ll have to see. As a very practical matter, however, while I love writing both SF and fantasy, if for different reasons, I simply cannot afford to write as much SF as fantasy, and if I don’t write a greater share of books that sell really well, before long I wouldn’t be publishing that much or that often.

  10. John Baugher says:

    Is Heritage to Cyador getting another book? I was waiting for one but after reading the comments it doesn’t look like it but it seems there is still story to tell. Any chance of another Spellsong book?

    1. I have no current plans for a sequel to Heritage of Cyador. While I’ve considered writing another book in the Spellsong Cycle, I haven’t been able to come up with a story arc that satisfied me.

  11. John Baugher says:

    How about the Sea preists that Secca destroyed summon their own singer from the mist worlds. Seccas descendants would have to contend with that person and you could have a story of 2 different characters. Each presenting the sides of good and evil at the same time depending on which perspective you look at. The sea preists certainly know the summoning is possible and they would be kinda filled with hate forever..

  12. Cameron says:

    Great News, and nice to see that TOR is moving the schedule up a little as well…… of course not as much to my liking but oh well.

    Rereading the Scholar, Princeps, etc. Imager Series and enjoying it still even on the 5th reread. Thanks again for the imagination and creativity.

  13. John Baugher says:

    Having just re-read the cyador heirs/heritage books it at first appears that it is not just the story of Lerial but the story of the Hamor consolidation. After reading the Imager series and the consolidation of Solidar do you think the Hamor story will be told/finished?

    1. There will not be another book about Lerial. Whether there will be other books set in Hamor remains to be seen.

      1. Aaron says:

        I love your novels I buy them all! I feel like there was so much story left on the table with lerial. A confrontation between him and his brother what happens to the Major’s daughter’s.

  14. John O. says:

    Due to medical reasons I cannot read but enjoy listening to your audiobooks. Please continue to let your books become audiobooks. Any chance that they might not be?

    1. That’s up to the audiobook publisher, but so far it appears that Tantor will continue publishing my books in audio format. Treachery’s Tools has just come out in audiobook, and the next three books are also under contract to be published in audiobook format.

  15. Amy Jones says:

    I love all your series of stories and can’t wait for all the new additions! Please keep writing! Anything and everything I just can’t get enough of your storytelling!!!!

  16. Linda K says:

    I would love to see another book in the Spellsong Saga. What a treat that would be!

  17. Damon C Edwards says:

    Just finished Recluse Tales. It was fantastic! It touched on a number of mentioned non main characters and added even more depth to a great setting.

  18. Matt says:

    Any plans to release the Recluse Tales book in a hardcover book size that is not the smaller book club format? It’s just odd having this book next to all of your others in the larger normal hardcover size.

    1. A number of readers have complained about this, but, frankly, I was fortunate to be able to get it released in hardcover at all, since Tor lost money on my last collection of stories. Given those factors, it’s highly unlikely that there will be another hardcover printing, let alone a larger size hardcover.

  19. Brian Borgerding says:

    I’ve bought and read every book in both the “Saga of Recluce” and “The Spellsong Cycle”.

    Please give us more!!

  20. Richard says:

    It is with sadness that I see no hard SF offerings slated. You are one of two authors that I have in hardcover. I also have the SF in paperback for travel reading.
    Since the basis of the hard SF is ethics, the series has been a mentor for me.

    1. It will be a while before there’s another SF book, although I am working on a long-term project you may like.

  21. Beth Lake says:

    I’m excited that you are writing more Recluse and Imager books. I love your style of writing. I have re-read all of your books at least 3 times. they never get old. Can’t wait to read the new books coming up.

  22. David Stevens says:

    I want to say publicly that I really enjoy your writing style and your stories. They are hard for me to “put down.” Thank you for continuing to write for all of us hardcore fans.

  23. Charles Milne says:

    I am currently reading Recluse Tales and find myself wanting to go back and reread the entire Recluse series over again with a new perspective. I love your novels and hope you continue to build all your worlds with the love and care you have done so with Recluse.

  24. zant h burdine says:

    Sir, Your words are the empowerment of my dreams, after reading all the books of recluse in publishing date and chronological date many times over the years and years. Thanks, Perhaps someday, you will setup a Patreon site to your self. and thus bypass the Publisher to take Credit to yourself and yes Funds from your fans. You should only write the story’s that you love and not be forced by financial reasons or the publisher to publish stories that sell well. I am your one of your Devoted Fan, and would have you happy and hale.

  25. Heather says:

    Mr. Modesitt,
    I’ve been reading your books for years and years, and your latest Recluce book was a treat! My top favorites worlds are your books on Recluce, the Imagers, and the Spellsong. Are the worlds at all connected…like a parallel universe? I mean, would you ever see an imager appear on Recluce? Thank you for sharing your gift!

  26. The universes are parallel, but not generally connected. So there won’t be an imager on Recluce.

  27. Michael L Genzler says:

    When will the mongrel mage be out on audio?

    1. The audio version of The Mongrel Mage has the same release date as the hardcover, October 31, 2017.

      1. Michael L Genzler says:


  28. Rick Winter says:

    Another deft twist to the Recluse Saga that shows how a common derogatory term can be interpreted as a compliment. A very enjoyable read that serves to continue to fill in more details about the world of Recluse.
    Well done

  29. Cornell Cross says:

    What two books does the Mongrel Mage fall between chronologically in the Recluce series? I’ve been rereading your entire series and am currently in the Magic Engineer. Thanks!

    1. The Mongrel Mage takes place some 350 years after Arms Commander and 225 years before The Towers of the Sunset.

  30. David Harwood says:

    I am very pleased that you are planning the sequel to The Mongrel Mage it is unlike you to leave so many loose ends as there are at the end of this book. I look forward to it’s completion! Beltur is a fascinating character one of your best, part war mage, healer, teacher,smith and reluctant leader, marvellous!!

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