As noted in the News and Updates section, I’ve just turned in a story collection — Recluce Tales — to Tor. I’m now working on another Imager Portfolio novel about an entirely new character.

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  1. lee beagan says:


    Have you decided on an era for this new story or if it is a stand alone or multiple arc?

    Eagerly rubbing hands together either way.

    1. It is a stand-alone set near the time of a previous story arc.

  2. Andrea Finbow says:

    Will you be writing an imager novel about Rholan the unamer in the future?

    1. At present, I have no plans to do so, but that doesn’t mean I will or will not.

  3. Ron Temple says:

    Personally, I’d rather see Rholan only as a background character as he is currently. LEM has been quite fertile in creating new and interesting protagonists throughout a timeline. There might be something interesting about Hengist or Caldor…maybe Bilbryn (sp?)of the folks mentioned in the past series.

  4. CStewy says:

    Will there ever be an imager book on a different part of the imager world? Basically, a book that won’t take place on Solidar?
    Have you considered writing Imager books later in the timeline than original trilogy?

    1. The next Imager book will be within the existing timeline. After that… I haven’t gotten that far.

  5. Wine Guy says:

    I’d love a story about one of Rhenn’s regionals… or a story about how the system of regionals came in to being.

    ::crosses fingers::

  6. Head of Westisle says:

    Hey L.E., love your Imager and Recluce books. I think for many of us the growth of the character is what is so addicting and fascinating about your story. Some of your later books have featured characters, like Alastar, that are already developed and we see more politics and intrigue. I guess that’s fine for some folks, but for many of us we need the high of seeing the character develop his powers. Is it possible you will feature new characters that develop their powers from scratch, and grow into powerful Imagers?

    1. I am working on another Imager book, but it’s a bit different, although the main character, while young and gifted in position, has a great deal to learn.

  7. Lynda C says:

    Any chance of a Recluse story about the “First Born”? I would love to read about how the Rationalist Colony was founded.

    1. There just might be something about that — a story, not a novel — in the forthcoming Recluce Tales, although you’ll have to wait until early 2017 for it, since story collections, even Recluce story collections, don’t have the highest priority in scheduling.

      1. Lynda C says:

        any Recluse story has the highest priority for ME!

        thank you

        1. I understand… but I don’t make the scheduling decisions.

  8. Charles Elkins says:

    Good news, as I really like the Imager world. Been re-reading the first Corean trilogy with Alucius and liking it even more.

  9. Nicholas says:

    Will there be more real Recluce novels to fill in timeline gaps? Or is Recluce Tales the last we have to look forward to?

    1. There are likely to be other Recluce books. The Recluce Tales stories are more pieces in the puzzle of Recluce’s history.

  10. Brandon S says:

    I’m about halfway through Cyador’s Heirs now. Really enjoying the book. Do you have a general time-frame in mind of when you’ll work on your next Recluce novel?

    1. Heritage of Cyador, the next Recluce novel, is already out in ebook and hardcover. Recluce Tales, a largely original collection of Reluce novellas and stories, will be out in early 2017. At present, I’m working on another Imager Portfolio novel. After that, we’ll see.

  11. Madhu says:

    Will there be more books on the Ifrits in the corean chronicles. How they evolved, the adventures of the the first field marshals and the reasons for looking out for new worlds [Like how you did in the Timegods world series].

    1. At this point, I have no plans for more books in the Corean Chronicles. That isn’t to say there won’t be… or that there will be.

      1. janis lyell says:

        thats a pity , because the first 6 Corean novels are brilliant

  12. David says:

    Thanks to you for continuing to work on Recluce stories. I enjoy all your writing that I have read, but Recluce is my favorite.

  13. Jack says:

    Are you finished with the Corlean series….

    1. For the moment. I reserve the right to write another book if I get a good idea that fits.

  14. Charley says:

    Could you post a Recluce timeline…one that’s updated with your recent Recluce books? I’m starting to read the series again, and I’d like to read them in chronological order.

    1. I’ve emailed you a recent chronology.

      1. Paula says:

        The Recluse series was one of the first series I ever read and until I understood your style, I was confused about the order. I would also like to re-read them in chronological order if I could get list as well.

        Thank for your wonderful writing.

        1. Thank you. I’ve sent a copy of the current chronology to your email.

  15. Kirk says:

    Just wanted to thank you for becoming a writer. So far I have read every book you have written; the series books and the stand alone books. I loved every one of them. I get so lost in these books, I start to think the characters are real and this is simply a retelling of someone’s life. Oh how I love reading! We need to teach kids from when they are t
    iny little ones the joy of reading. My parents and teachers did that and I am soooo glad!

    Thanks for all the hard work you and all the other writers to through. I know how difficult it is, but you obviously love it.

    Eagerly awaiting your next one, regardless of what it is.

  16. Rob C. says:

    I’m excited about the Recluce Tales book coming out next year. I mistakenly thought it was scheduled this year.

    I hope that Cassius’s story of him coming to world of the Recluse will be more detailed, since he seems to be only one from our Earth. I wasn’t sure his story was to be republished and be included in this publication.

    Is there chance that we will see the Hamor’s Steampowered Navy in action against anyone? I’m naval fan, to have such big fleet and no one to fight seems disappointing little.

    1. Cassius’s story is one of the few reprints in the collection. The other one that has seen wide-spread publication is “Sisters of Sarronnyn, Sisters of Westwind.”

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