January Question

Stylistically, are there things you did that you’ve changed over time? Or things you wished you could change?

All writers change over time, sometimes in significant ways, sometimes in very small ways. There are stylistic “innovations” that I tried and largely abandoned. In the early Recluce books, I included more “sound effects.” Readers HATED them. So I seldom use that technique any more. I also used “majer” as an alternative spelling of the rank “major,” but a number of readers simply thought it was an error or a typo. For consistency’s sake, I still use that spelling in the Recluce books, but if I had it to do over, I probably wouldn’t do it. Thanks to readers and friends, I now write more knowledgeably [or less ignorantly] about horses, and, of course, my knowledge of music has continued to increase, thanks to my wife, the music professor.

3 thoughts on “January Question”

  1. Ryan Jackson says:

    So I understand fully if you don’t answer but I feel compelled to ask.

    In this current trilogy about Beltur the “Mongrel Mage” are we seeing the founding of Fairhaven?

    1. I prefer not to do spoilers; any answer would represent a spoiler of some sort.

  2. Alain says:

    Same thought has crossed my mind several times but decided to wait for a reveal.


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