My fiction reading has been rather spotty over the past few months, since I’ve been working on the sequel to Outcasts of Order and also because more than few disruptions in my normal schedule have occurred, but several books do stand out, among them, C. Robert Cargill’s Sea of Rust, Beth Bernobich’s The Time Roads, and an older book, Katherine Neville’s The Eight. For various reasons, I also enjoyed, in a bittersweet way, Louisa Morgan’s A Secret History of Witches, which was not at all what I expected from the title.

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  1. Kathy Schrieber says:

    I wondering if I might please be able to use a small excerpt from your book “Outcasts of Order” to send in a tweet with full credit to you. Thank you.

    1. Sending a short excerpt from Outcasts of Order with attribution is perfectly acceptable.

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