I just turned in the final version of a new science fantasy novel, entitled Quantum Shadows, which is set in the very, very far future on a world called Heaven. Even my editor and my publisher both think, for better or worse, that it’s unlike anything I’ve written before, and I’ve been working on parts of it for more than five years. It’s tentatively scheduled for release in mid-2020, but that date could change somewhat, depending on factors beyond my control. Obviously, I’m working on another book, but I’m not ready to say much yet beyond the fact that I am.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Mr. Modesitt

    Is the world Heaven in this new novel based on one of worlds of the Angels from Fall of Angels?

    1. No, it’s not. It’s a very different world

      1. Hannibal says:


  2. The little that you’ve said about “Quantum Shadows” sounds very tantalizing. I’m sorry it won’t be out sooner!

    I’m currently very much enjoying a 1996 science fiction novel of yours that I’d never read (“The Parafaith War”).

    1. Ben Frauhiger says:

      Parafaith War is one of my favorites by far!

      1. Wine Guy says:

        Amen… I mean “Stet.”

  3. Melissa says:

    I cannot wait!

  4. Alison says:

    Looking forward to another thoughtful science fiction book!

  5. Lena Frykholm says:

    I’m looking forward for your next SF book. I think you are one of the best SF author, you and Jack Mcdevitt.Lena Frykholm Sweden

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