December Question

Will you ever write more books in the Spellsong Cycle?

I don’t have any immediate plans to write more Spellsong books, but I haven’t foreclosed that possibility. What I can say is that, if I do, it won’t be soon, since I’m committed to finishing the book I’m now working on and one other before I can consider what I’ll write then.

3 thoughts on “December Question”

  1. Amy Jones says:

    Long time reade, the book that hooked me was magic of recluse, but I have read every book you have written. My question is what is the first book you wrote, and what was the first book published?

  2. Robert Lann says:

    I have read your series multiple times. I am waiting for your newest 3 books to DROP in price for the kindle since I can not afford $14.99 for an E book. No trees were killed in the mass marketing of e-books.

  3. Wine Guy says:

    Trees are an eminently renewable resource.

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