December Question

Will you ever write more books in the Spellsong Cycle?

I don’t have any immediate plans to write more Spellsong books, but I haven’t foreclosed that possibility. What I can say is that, if I do, it won’t be soon, since I’m committed to finishing the book I’m now working on and one other before I can consider what I’ll write then.

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  1. Amy Jones says:

    Long time reade, the book that hooked me was magic of recluse, but I have read every book you have written. My question is what is the first book you wrote, and what was the first book published?

  2. Robert Lann says:

    I have read your series multiple times. I am waiting for your newest 3 books to DROP in price for the kindle since I can not afford $14.99 for an E book. No trees were killed in the mass marketing of e-books.

  3. Wine Guy says:

    Trees are an eminently renewable resource.

  4. Todd Abbott says:

    How does the Mongrel Mage (and its sequel) fit into the Recluse timeline? I have just started reading it, so I know it is after ‘Arms Commander’ by quite a bit for it to be near legend in ‘the book of Ayrlyn’. I am just guessing but I would say before ‘the White Order’ and possibly before the ‘Towers of Sunset’, but like I said I just started reading (on chapter 2). I lost many of my book years 18 years ago when I moved and just started getting them again so I could reread the books in chronological order and got to ‘the Magic Engineer’. It has been a long time since I read some of these. My favorite is like ‘the Natural Ordermage’ and its sequel ‘the Mage Guard of Hamar’ I wish you had a large map of every town and village named in all your books. I would buy that instantly…

    1. The Mongrel Mage takes place some 350 years after Arms Commander and 225 years before The Towers of the Sunset.

  5. Kristie says:

    Hi! (This question doesn’t relate to the original post.) Is Lorn, of Cyador, a sociopath? And is he meant to be a trustworthy narrator? I have read the two books about him many times, but I view the books differently after more life experience.

    1. Lorn is trustworthy, and he’s not a sociopath, but he’s also a pragmatist and will do what is necessary for what he believes to be the greater good.

      1. Michelle Costello says:

        love this viewpoint I never thought of him as questioned above as a sociopath, and setting it in that time frame and reality, it really does line up that he has a rulers mentality. do you feel that to be true? That he balances and does not have the same view of right and wrong?

        1. Lorn will do what is necessary to save Cyador, but he strives to do so as honorably as possible. BUT… he will use the most effective methods possible against those who are already employing undehanded methods.

  6. Gil Allis says:

    Is there a reason that most of the books(yours) I’ve read are constantly using “sardonic” as a type of humour- emotive process. Are you making an effort to encourage your readers to restore/recognise it as a form? I looked it up and find it hard to recognise the form in written form. It seems the only mode used vs humorous, sadly, ironicly….

    1. I don’t know that it was a conscious decision to single-handed restore “sardonic,” but to me “sardonic” has a cynical and almost bitter implication [which is also what my ancient Funk and Wagnalls dictionary also says] that differs from irony or sarcasm.

  7. Jonathon Hass says:

    Would REALLY REALLY REALLY love to see some of what came before the Spellsong cycle on Erde, IE: the Corians, wastes of Ranuak, etc. You made mention of TONS of things in that series which would make GREAT reading.
    All 5 of my daughters have read this series and all of us have loved it. Loved seeing a couple of women lead the way instead of waiting for a guy to do it. Nice breath of fresh air right there.

  8. Matt says:

    I am finishing up a reread of this series after nearly 20 years. Really enjoying it. Other posters mention prior events mentioned as possible story lines -another is the spell fire wars. After this reread I would welcome more books in this series.

  9. Mitzi Easley says:

    I’ve just finished “Outcasts of Order”…Do you have plans to continue this storyline eventually?

    1. The sequel and last book about Beltur is The Mage-Fire War, and it’s in the production process and is scheduled for release in July 2019.

  10. Matt says:

    So after re-reading the first 4 books I realized I never 5. I got to the end of book 4 and saw the preview chapter for shadow singer. I then dug into a box in my garage and found book 5. Didn’t appear to have ever been read. Based on the date it was printed it was during my move to another city and my first ever new home purchase. I have read and continue to read every Recluce book, Corean Chronicles, and imager book but somehow forgot all about book 5 of the spell song cycle during the move. So, while no new books are forth coming, book 5is like a new book for me and I am thrilled to find it!

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