I’ve finished the sequel to Outcasts of Order, which will be the third and final book about Beltur [yes, I know it’s the first time I’ve ever written three books about a character in the Saga of Recluce]. It’s entitled The Mage-Fire War, and it’s scheduled for publication and release in July of next year. I’m now working on a stand-alone science-fiction/fantasy novel, but I’m not far enough along to say much about it.

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  1. Arin Komins says:

    Delighted to see there is a new standalone sf/f book one the way!

    (along with more Recluce, of course.)

  2. Wine Guy says:

    sf/f, not a straight sf, which your standalones tend to be…. interesting.

    Very interesting!

  3. Having found Beltur a particularly likable character, and “The Mongrel Mage” a particularly enjoyable entry in the Recluce saga, I am delighted to hear you’ve completed a third book about Beltur…. I’m also interested to learn, in time, more about the stand-alone book you’re writing now.

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