Recluce Tales Named A Best Fiction Book of 2017

Kirkus Reviews just released their listings of the best fiction of 2017, and Recluce Tales was named as one of the best fantasy and science fiction books.

This the fourth time my books have received that honor, the previous best F&SF fiction winners from Kirkus being Scholar[2011], The Eternity Artifact [2005], and Archform Beauty [2002].

6 thoughts on “Recluce Tales Named A Best Fiction Book of 2017”

  1. Many congratulations! I am delighted that your work is being honored. Your writing deserves recognition.

  2. Wenonah Lyon says:

    I just finished The Mongrel Mage. I’ve read all the Recluce Books, and can’t figure out where the Mongrel Mage fits in the time line. When did it happen? There are comments that suggest it happened after The Magic of Recluse (one about a mage good with wood and able to see into the wood) but they seem to know so much more about fire wagons, the Rational Stars, etc.

    1. The Mongrel Mage takes place some 240 years after the conclusion of Heritage of Cyador and 225 years before the beginning of The Towers of the Sunset.

      1. Gabe says:

        Thanks for clearing that up.
        Had me wondering.

  3. Gabe says:

    Congratulations Sir!
    Well deserved!!

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