As I noted in the “News” section, I just turned in Outcasts of Order, now scheduled for publication in June, 2018. I will also have a story entitled, “Gold and Glory,” which will appear in an anthology entitled All Hail Our Robot Conquerers, scheduled for release this coming September from the small Press Zombies Need Brains. I’m now working on another Imager Portfolio novel which will be a sequel to Assassin’s Price, the Imager Portfolio book that will be out in late July.

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  1. Bruce Trick says:

    WOW! A ton of things to look forward to. Thanks for being so prolific. 🙂

  2. Cam says:

    I am really excited for the number of books you have coming out. I always enjoy reading your books. I love the values you instill in them and I love how I feel when I read your novels.

    Thanks for keeping us entertained!


  3. Glen Andrew Risk says:

    Looking forward to it. Have enjoyed everything you have written. Any chance you might do more with the Ecolitan series?

    1. Most likely not any time soon.

  4. Ron Blondeau says:

    Echoing other’s comments, thank you for continuing to provide so much reading enjoyment. I especially like the Imager stories.

  5. Drc30s says:

    Ahhhh I can’t get enough of the Imager Portfolio series. It helps make a long drive and traffic easier.
    Plus you don’t have the stupid women waiting for a man to defend them type in the Image series. That is so refreshing. It is so refreshing not to have to roll my eyes over that.

  6. Trevin Matlock says:

    Just finished Assassin’s Price. I very much appreciated that the viewpoint character was not an Imager. I have occasionally wanted to read, in your fantasy, how you would write a non magic user as the central character.
    And I loved the book. I expect that can be deduced from my finishing it a day after its release.

  7. Trevin Matlock says:

    After I posted my earlier comment I remembered Arms Commander.

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