June Question

Are you a Mormon?

No. I’ve actually mentioned my semi-religious affiliation in several past blog posts, but I’ll give a more complete explanation. I grew up in a household that was nominally Methodist, decided when I was about thirteen that I wanted to be an Episcopalian, and spent about ten years as a relatively devout Episcopalian — youth group president and acolyte/altar boy — until I went to college. The subsequent events of my life made me increasingly wary of organized religion, and at present, I describe myself as an agnostic Anglican, because I can neither deny nor affirm the existence of a deity and because I love the language and liturgy of the original King James Bible and the original Book of Common Prayer. Because my wife and I have lived in Utah for well over twenty years, have an above average number of children, and because I’ve occasionally written about the LDS faith, both in the future and in alternate worlds, as in The Ghost of the Revelator or The Parafaith War, and because I eschew strong profanity, graphic sex, and excessive and gratuitous violence in my writing,there has been occasional speculation that I might be LDS. I’m not.

3 thoughts on “June Question”

  1. Lydia says:

    This made me smile. I consider myself high-anglican for some quite similar reasons to you. Have you read Religion for atheists by Alain de Botton? It is a light yet worthy read in this space. I’m also going back to reading stoic writings at the moment.

  2. Stephen Lewis says:

    I am just beginning to read ‘Haze’ for the first time and I concluded that you were not a ‘Saint’.
    I am also a Methodist turned Anglican from England and I note that you often use English words rather than American alternatives such as ‘lorry.’

    1. Sometimes, the English words just fit better, or so it seems to me. And no, I’m not LDS, although I’ve done a great deal of research on that faith and its history, including parts that many members would prefer not to recall.

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