April Question

Do you see any other books following in the Haze or  Archform:Beauty story-lines?

Flash is effectively set in the same “future” as Archform:Beauty, but not with the same characters.  At present, I don’t have any plans to re-visit the time/locale of either Haze or Archform:Beauty, but, as I say so often that it must frustrate some readers, I do reserve the right to do so, if I get an idea/plot that fits that I’m personally excited about. 


1 thought on “April Question”

  1. Wine Guy says:

    Especially with Archform: Beauty, I find some of the themes there quite relevant to today’s socio-political climate. Every time I hear a snide comment from someone 1/3rd my age when I’m listening to opera or musical theater, I am reminded of the reaction to the ‘art song’ recital.

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