October Question

Tantor Media has only announced the publication of the first two books of the Corean Chronicles in audiobook format. When are the others scheduled for release?

As a matter of fact, Tantor has only bought the rights to those two. Whether the remaining six books of the Corean Chronicles appear in audiobook format depends on how well the firast two books — Legacies and Darknesses — sell in audiobook format. So if you want all the Corean Chronicles in audio format, go out and buy the first two.

3 thoughts on “October Question”

  1. jason says:

    Love your imager book read it through 2 times. i am a total fan, thank you for writing. I love the intrigue!!!! i wish you a happy and fun filled life sir. You are a imager of the written word.

  2. Elizabeth Barnes says:

    Will there ever be any more corean chronicle books? I am not so interested in audio books as I tend to tune out. I like to attribute my own voices to characters. I would dearly love more stories from this universe.

    1. It’s unlikely that I’ll write any more books in the Corean Chronicles… but if I come up with a really good story that grabs me, it’s possible.

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