I’ve turned in the second version of the new SF novel — entitled Solar Express — which is a very “hard” SF novel set just about a hundred years in the future and which features as main characters a female post-doc astrophysicist manning a Farside lunar observatory and a male fusionjet pilot… and what happens to them both after she discovers a very long period comet. It’s tentatively scheduled for publication a year from now — in the fall of 2015.

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  1. John Prigent says:

    Sounds interesting!

  2. lee beagan says:

    will keep an eye out for it when it gets dropped!

  3. Bruce Trick says:

    Great news! I tend to read the hard SF ones more often than the fantasy ones. Looking forward to it. I was really wondering when this part of the website would be updated again with more good news! 🙂

  4. Brian says:

    That is great news about the new book, I always pick up your SF books. (P.S. More in the Elysium Commission Universe !!) Just sad I have to wait a year, I need instant gratification Mr Modesitt, I need it now!!!!!

  5. Arin Komins says:

    Fantastic! I always look forward to the SF ones most of all.

  6. Dr Chris Ciarcia says:

    I absolutely love your books and read everything you produce. Thank you. Thank you.
    The audiobooks are fantastic. So please finish the 3rd Corean book “Scepters”. Those are my favorites of all times (of all fantasy + scifi) along with the Imager series.
    You have added significant value & quality time to all of our lives. Thank you again.
    Dr C

    1. Tantor has just agreed to produce the remaining six books of the Corean Chronicles in audiobook format.

      1. Jeremy R. says:

        Mr. Modesitt, may I suggest that you update the October Question on this website with this news? It still states that Tantor has only purchased the rights for books One and Two. Thank you.

  7. alecia says:

    Hurrah!!! Your hard scifi books are always thought-provoking and deal with issues that should be discussed more ofter. Just let us know when we can pre-order, and where.

  8. Bob Wilson says:

    Mr. Modesitt, just thought I would share my enthusiasm. I received an email informing me that I could expect the “Heritage of Cyador” to be delivered on Friday, November 21st! It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out what I will be doing that week-end! I very much enjoyed my recent re-reading of, “Cyador’s Heirs”, in anticipation of your latest novel’s arrival. Pre-order is definitely the way to go, in my neck of the woods….

    Happy Veteran’s Day. Thank you for your service to our country.

  9. Bob Wilson says:

    Just finished reading, “Heritage of Cyador”. NICE!!! I really enjoyed this latest novel in the Saga of Recluse. The prose was tight, and the story was well-paced. Well done, Mr. Modesitt!

    I just wish TOR would allow the publication of the maps I KNOW you must have drawn and referred to, in the telling of Lerial’s adventures, over the course of these two novels. The practical utility of adequate maps,(whether one is a participant, or an observer), in any campaign, cannot be overstated.

  10. Richard Penney says:

    Modesitt is one of my favorite writers.I have all of his hard SF to date in hard bound for home reading and paper for reading over lunch or supper when i am away from home. None of them have been read less than three times and most once or twice a year since publication date.
    I look forward to the new listing!

  11. Ron Blondeau says:

    I have read everything Mr. Modesitt has published and own just about every book. I would like to second a comment made by Bob Wilson on November 22, 2014, re. the usefulness of maps in following the exploits of various characters. Maps tell a story on their own and aid in understanding the element of time in the stories.
    Please keep writing Mr. Modesitt.

  12. Josh Camden says:

    I LOVE “Hard” SF and am really looking forward to it.

    I just finished reading The Green Progression. I don’t normally like author team-ups, but this one worked well. The primary antagonist’s chosen method of attack through the D.E.P. was a real eye opener. The thought that foreign governments are NOT interfering in our politics (from the inside) is crazy and yet, it’s something that the average American never thinks about. I loved the plot, the pacing, and character development.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Robert Cuthbert says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I really love “Hard SF” 😀

    By the way, thanks also for the suggestion that I look for Parafaith Wars, I really enjoyed it

  14. sid dembowski says:

    solar express was a big disappointment lacked much of your writing style. Very similar to Empress of Eternity. Two books out of all that I have bought and read is not a bad ratio. Looking forward to the next book

  15. Larry Peel says:

    I really liked the Solar Express and hope to see more like it! Very well put together!

  16. Joe says:

    2 years… surely it’s time for another Science Fiction book!

  17. Robie says:

    The Solar Express could have a sequel, but the standards on such a sequel would be high considering current advancements. It could be excellent and even be a script for the next generation of Sci-Fi movies. L.E. obviously put in a fair amount of effort into this novel, something I probably know very little. That being said. Write another, get in touch with some physicists and get this bookworm into an encounter with another civilization capable of using wormholes or just bending the fabric of spacetime, and some theoretical use of gravitons. Those LIGO guys are doing wonders! Push the envelope!

  18. Richard says:

    Having read every scifi novel through “The One Eyed Man,” I am wishing that more thinking folks had done so. The current political situation has been warned of in all the novels. His writings have shown,from differing viewpoints, in different novels, an acknowledgment of all sides of the equation, the resulting chaos of unbridled greed and fixed behavior patterns. He has stressed the value of ethics and ethical behavior. Would that he had been headed! JMHO

  19. Damon Seba says:

    I’m not sure if you keep up with these older entries, but I wanted to slip this, so maybe only you could view it. I understand scyfy doesn’t pay, or sell as well, but I loved all your novels. The Parafaith war, and Ethos, universe in particular. I think a third novel, to finish the set could be written. Great title for it would be Unintended Consequences. Play with the meaning of those, how you will. I’d love to read that book. The expansion of affordable space travel, economics of diversion, perhaps the return of the “hidden” immortals. Don’t forget, a passing, advanced alien interest, in why certain star systems dying before their times. All could make a wonderful addition to the series. Thanks

    1. I try to respond to all posts requiring or asking for a response. While it’s not likely that I’ll write another novel involving the “universe” of The Parafaith War or The Ethos Effect, I appreciate your suggestion.

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