June 20th Question

Given the sheer amount of writing and years you have spent on the world of Recluse, it seems likely there are some things you established early on that have caused annoyance in later books. I certainly have seen plenty of things that cleverly show how things that certain characters (and readers) thought to be true were in fact not, but are there things that you have found more difficult to work around?

So far, I’ve managed to work around most items in the earliest Recluce books(that is, those I wrote first, in which the events take place after the earlier books) that might suggest contradictions, but occasionally a reader will bring something to my attention. In many cases, there’s no contradiction, because, as is often the case in the history of our world, the historians had an agenda to either excessively glorify or denigrate the acts of previous powerful figures. There also have been instances where I made a mistake, despite my best efforts.

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