Updated Schedule For New Books

I’ve just learned from Tor that Sub-Majer’s Challenge [the third Recluce book about Alyiakal] is now scheduled for release on August 26, 2025, while Legalist [the latest Grand Illusion book] will be released much earlier than I thought — on October 7, 2025.

5 thoughts on “Updated Schedule For New Books”

  1. Your blog has become an indispensable resource for me. I’m always excited to see what new insights you have to offer. Thank you for consistently delivering top-notch content!

  2. Austin says:

    Great news! Looking forward to reading those.

  3. Thrilled to hear about Legalist!

  4. Grey says:

    This is all great to hear.

  5. John Johnston says:

    Happy to see the date Of course would prefer earlier.

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