The Consistent Liar

Even after being convicted of 34 counts of falsifying business records, Donald Trump is claiming he’s a victim of political persecution by a “weaponized” federal justice system, despite the fact that the case was brought by the state of New York and that there was no federal involvement whatsoever – except for the Secret Service agents guarding Trump.

But Trump’s no stranger to lies. The Washington Post followed and documented Trump’s false or misleading claims (otherwise known as lies) during his term as President, which totaled an incredible 30,573. What was more interesting was that the longer Trump was in office, the greater the number of daily lies.

For years Trump trumpeted a grossly exaggerated value of his real estate holdings, which is why he and the Trump corporation were found guilty of falsifying the value of properties in order to get more favorable terms from financial organizations.

Yet with this background and with all the furor about Trump’s conviction, the most striking aspect of the New York hush money case has been almost overlooked by the politicians and media.

That aspect? The case was all about lies Trump made to further his political career. He falsified business records to cover up paying a porn star not to go public about what amounted to a one-night-stand.

Whatever Trump does and wherever he goes, he spouts lies or grossly misleading statements, and the irony in the hush money case is that he wouldn’t have been in legal trouble if he’d told the truth or even if he’d simply not tried to pass off the payments as a business expense.

But Trump’s always played fast and loose with both the truth and other people’s money, and he continues to do, raising funds from political sources to pay off his legal expenses, while claiming that he’s a victim of political persecution.

The truth is that he’s finally the victim of his own lies, not that he or his supporters will ever see that, because it’s so much more satisfying playing the victim than acknowledging the massive array of lies and misleading statements.

9 thoughts on “The Consistent Liar”

  1. KTL says:

    I wonder how the Republicans can claim that this is Biden directing a weaponized DOJ against Trump – given that Biden’s only living son has been charged by that same DOJ and his trial just started yesterday. What? No Biden intervention to shut down that investigation? No preemptive pardon? Trump has already promised that when he gets in office he will wield that same executive power to pardon convicted and sentenced J6 people. His allies have already bribed (through outright payments and lucrative job placings) anyone close to Trump that could be a witness against him. He pardoned rightfully convicted white collar criminals that were his allies during his first administration.

    Trump – if he’s breathing he’s lying.

    1. Grey says:

      No, no, don’t you see? Biden’s DOJ indicting his own son, Senator Menendez (D-NJ), and House Representatives Henry Cuellar (TX), and investigating Corey Bush (MO) are all just cover for his malicious prosecution of Donald Trump.

    2. Phineas says:

      Didn’t the DOJ offer a plea agreement to Biden’s son that was so much a sweetheart deal that the judge threw it out?

      1. Grey says:

        No, it’s actually the opposite. The defense attorneys and the DOJ thought they had a deal, but it emerged that had different ideas of what alleged crimes it covered, with the defense seeing it as very expansive and the DOJ saying that wasn’t what was agreed. The defense attorneys then tried to force through the plea agreement as a finalized deal and the judge refused. The DOJ lawyer handling the case sought special counsel status to prosecute for various crimes. And that’s where we are now.

  2. Bill says:

    I am just surprised that his wife Morgan Fairchild didn’t show up to the trial.

  3. KevinJ says:

    Part of what makes the US so polarized now is you can roughly divide the population into those who believe all Trump’s endless foolishness…and those who think that first group is a bunch of fools.

    If you can’t respect the other side on an issue, it makes it hard to keep things civil.

    1. Postagoras says:

      Hey KevinJ, I agree that there are two groups like that, but I don’t think they’re the majority, just the noisiest.

      Much of the Republican base is motivated by relentless global capitalism taking jobs, and liberal society devaluing their specialness. If your response to that is to feel it’s an attack, then you’re ripe to be enlisted in the Republican base. And since they feel that they are “under attack”, they feel that they can retaliate. “Owning the libs” is allowable scorn.

      What I see and read on the liberal side is more of a sense of bafflement, rather than a feeling that the Trumpers are a bunch of fools. A sense of, “How can they believe that, and how can they be engaged in conversation?” There are obviously some who deride the Trumpers, but I don’t think that’s the majority of liberals.

      1. Shannon says:

        I agree with Postagoras. There may be some liberals that believe Trump supporters are fools but my impression is that most are baffled by support for Trump and trying to find a way to engage them in a non-threatening conversation to understand and address concerns.

      2. KevinJ says:

        Postagoras, I’m not actually arguing with you, because you’re undoubtedly correct. The thing is – from my point of view – well, let me quote you, adding asterisks:

        > If your response to that is to *feel* it’s an attack, then you’re ripe to be enlisted in the Republican base. And since they *feel* that they are “under attack”, they *feel* that they can retaliate.

        How much respect anyone has for those who base their decisions about democracy, law and order, etc. etc. on “feelings” varies. At this point, I can’t confess to much respect for such a by-definition irrational viewpoint.

        Think, people, think.

        But that might just be me.

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