Trump & Bibles, Yet?

Donald Trump now selling Bibles? That sounds like a Bill Maher far-out parody or a Saturday Night Live caricature or an Onion headline.

Apparently, it’s neither, but something that’s actually occurring.

Trump hawking Bibles is like Satan endorsing the Almighty or Iblis selling the Koran.

We all know that the Donald is willing to do anything to make a buck, or to avoid paying anyone he doesn’t have to, but Trump selling “God Bless the USA” Bibles might be his greatest feat of hypocrisy yet.

On the other hand, it also might be, in a strange way, the most honest thing he’s ever done, because it blatantly declares that he has no regard for honesty or ethics whatsoever… or for the tenets of the faith that so many of his followers profess to follow.

It also shows the absolute stupidity, gullibility, and/or hypocrisy of his evangelical followers. Trump has broken every one of the Ten Commandments and now is trying to profit from their faith. In addition, he’s also broken the commandment that “you shall have no other God before me,” because, in TrumpWorld, there is no other god but Trump.

Not that any of this matters to the sheep who follow him blindly, as did the clueless children who followed the Pied Piper. Nor does it seem to matter to the majority of Republican officeholders, many of whom privately despise Trump, but who don’t have either the guts or the integrity to oppose him.

13 thoughts on “Trump & Bibles, Yet?”

  1. KevinJ says:

    I’d respect this product more if it had to be held upside down, after tear-gassing peaceful protesters…

  2. KTL says:

    I’d respect the product (and maybe believe in it) if it actually burned the hands of the irredeemable sinner holding it.

  3. Bill says:

    That is a helluva markup. An inexpensive version on Amazon costs around $10 and a fancy one $20. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t even have the words printed on the pages. The people buying these copies won’t read it anyway.

    1. Martin Sinclair says:

      From Stephen King’s The Dead Zone, when we first meet Greg Stillson:
      “There was your basic item, The American TruthWay Bible, illustrated with sixteen color plates, bound with airplane glue, for $1.69 and sure to hold together for at least ten months; then for the poorer pocketbook there was The American TruthWay New Testament for sixty-five cents, with no color plates but with the words of Our Lord Jesus printed in red; and for the big spender there was The American TruthWay Deluxe Word of God for $19.99, bound in imitation white leather, the owner’s name to be stenciled in gold leaf on the front cover, twenty-four color plates, and a section in the middle to note down births, marriages and burials. And the Deluxe Word of God might remain in one piece for as long as two years.”

  4. Darcherd says:

    I also read that each Bible comes with a copy of the U.S. Constitution, another document Trump is equally unfamiliar with.

    1. Wine Guy says:

      This comment made me laugh out loud. I almost snorted my coffee – that would have been painful and also a waste of good coffee.

  5. Alecia Flores says:

    The Trump grift has given a better understanding of how Hitler was able to do the same thing in Germany – some people just want to believe. What scares the hell out of me is we don’t know what plans he & his cult have put in place to steal this election.

  6. Martin Sinclair says:

    When this news made it out this way, it was seriously disturbing to those of us who, in 2015/2016 had seen, in tfg, disturbing echoes of Greg Stillson out of Stephen King’s The Dead Zone. Time, and the 2016 election passed, and tfg proved himself to be both more corrupt and less competent than Stillson and our reflexive twitches subsided a little. Now we get this and, like a weird form of PTSD, it all comes flooding back. Is it possible he thought the book was an instruction manual ?

    1. Tom says:

      Trump gives instructions he does not “take” instructions.

  7. Michael John Creek says:

    I’ll believe in 9 of the 10. But the commandment not to kill?

    1. KTL says:

      COVID pandemic in the US, maybe???

    2. Or maybe the willingness to shoot illegal immigrants? Or saying that Mike Pence deserved to be hung?

    3. Wren Jackson says:

      Intent vs Deed only matters in the gravity of response and consequences.

      He took actions seeking deaths numerous times.

      Also, as the architect behind Jan 6 he is responsible for the bodies there.

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