Justice, Reconsidered?

Exactly what does whom the Fulton County (Georgia) Attorney General might be sleeping with have to do with whether Donald Trump tried to solicit some 11,000 votes illegally from the Georgia Secretary of State?

For that matter, why have both the Georgia State House and Senate passed measures that would create an appointed commission to discipline or remove district attorneys, measures that removed oversight by the state Supreme Court, and which would in fact allow the Republican Party to dictate which district attorneys should be investigated and disciplined.

Might it just be that all that effort is designed to halt a state court prosecution of the great Donald Trump because, even if Trump is elected in the fall, he can’t stop a state prosecution nor can he pardon himself if he’s convicted?

From what I can tell, whether the district attorney is sleeping with a prosecutor has very little bearing on whether Donald Trump tried to use the power of his office to illegally solicit votes. It appears that digging up dirt on Fani Willis is simply an effort to remove her from prosecuting Donald Trump…. or at the very least, to further delay his trial.

While I sincerely hope that someone accused of murder would not even be allowed to bring up unrelated personal matters and have them be considered as relevant to the guilt of an accused murderer, it appears that, in fact, if one has enough attorneys and money, he can try defense ploy after defense ploy to string out the case either for years or until one of those ploys succeeds.

Does that represent justice? For Donald Trump, it obviously does.

5 thoughts on “Justice, Reconsidered?”

  1. KTL says:


    You are right of course. As I understand it, two lawyers can be married or even seeing each other and represent opposite parties at the same time. The case is apparently about whether Ms. Willis benefited monetarily from the relationship; I.e., corruption. Of course, it’s all BS, but the judge could have nipped this one in the bud I would have thought. And yet, he hears it out.

    Except for a smallish minority of voters, nobody seems to care what’s going on with the former president and his efforts to undermine the rule of law, our institutions, and our alliances.

    I recently read the Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood and it left me feeling numb – the populace being indifferent as the world around them slowly sinks into the abyss.

    Of course we can’t know for sure what will happen in the next few years, but surely we can prevent a dictator-wanna-be from seizing the reins of power again,

    The things we are seeing in courts, the Congress, and everyday life seem to stem from a permission to tear it all down that flows straight from Trump and his friends.

  2. KevinJ says:

    The world will be so much better off when the Donald becomes the Donvict.

  3. Rural Lawyer says:

    @ KTL – generally speaking, two married lawyers CANNOT represent opposing parties – that’s forbidden by the ABA guidelines on ethics, and most state lawyer ethics rules as well. two married lawyers are usually considered the same person (as well as lawyers in the same private firm) for purposes of determining conflict of interest. There are exceptions for many public firms (public defenders and prosecutors).
    that said – i don’t know the specifics of the relationship between the attorneys in Georgia, and cannot say whether there’s a conflict of interest in that matter.

    1. There shouldn’t be a conflict because they’re both on the same side.

  4. Darcherd says:

    Can anyone seriously believe that Trump’s lawyers truly care whether the Atlanta prosecutor is corrupt or not? They’d probably prefer it if she were, because then she could be conveniently bought.

    No, their actions are simply lawyer’s tricks in a desperate attempt to keep Der Fuehrer out of prison, and constitute a classic debater’s technique, that of ‘ad hominum’, i.e. when you have no credible response to the facts, attack the character of the accuser.

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