February 18th Question

I am reading and enjoying From the Forest. Could you include a map of Cyador to identify the place names in a later volume of the series?

Unfortunately, it’s not my decision as to whether a map is included in the book. I sent a rough map and my editor presented the idea. The higher-ups declined the idea of a map in the first book. I will bring the matter up again, but, while I control the text, I don’t control whether maps are in the book.

3 thoughts on “February 18th Question”

  1. Timothy Yablonsky says:

    Is there an email or address we could send a note to encourage them to add a Cyadoran map to a future book?

  2. Ronald Maurer says:

    Or could you put a .pdf on this website? Thank you.

  3. CM Lee says:

    Yes, please, please put a more detailed map on the website! I was recently re-reading the Beltur/Talia books and really wanted a close-up mep of the roads around Fairhaven, where the borders were, etc. Thanks!

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