February 7th Question

Is there a map for the new series beginning with From the Forest? It would help me a lot (and others, I am sure).

There is, and there isn’t. That is to say, I submitted my hand-drawn map to Tor, and my editor did her best, but, presumably for reasons of cost, the higher-ups nixed the map inclusion, possibly because my maps are rather detailed and costly to produce for books. Since my talents do not lie in graphic arts on the professional level, that means no map.

6 thoughts on “February 7th Question”

  1. Dave says:

    Could you possibly publish that map on this website?

    1. Not in any practical way. My hand-drawn Recluce maps are roughly three feet long and two feet high.

  2. Timothy Yablonsky says:

    Out of curiosity, do you have a map with locations of Cyador annotated? I have always been curious about the various Cyador outposts in the center and along the borders of the empire.

    1. While I have personal hand-drawn maps that show the major cities of Cyador, as well as all the border bases, as I’ve noted elsewhere on the site, I haven’t been successful in getting Tor to create maps suitable for inclusion in books.

  3. David Middleton says:

    Like many others, I do find the inclusion of maps very handy, and would be interested in seeing more detailed maps. Have you considered doing anything with a crowdfunded /3rd party that would take your hand-drawn maps and then generate something that would work on the web or downloadable? You would have to retain the rights, but certainly there must be interested parties with digital publishing/graphics experience that could take your hand drawn maps and make a digital map that you would be proud of. A product that would be amenable to creating something digital for you to link to from your website and for TOR. It seems to me that creating this type of immersive work would be of interest to TOR and yourself. Thanks for the great writing over the many stories and worlds.

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