January 5th Question

In the world of Recluce, healers are nigh-universally associated with green. Unlike with order mages and chaos wizards, this does not appear to be the result of association with the actual magic/metaphysical system of the world. My general theory is that Anglorian medics wore green and given the lasting impact of Cyadoran culture the association just stuck everywhere, but I’m curious if there’s something else behind it.

Frankly, I hadn’t thought of your explanation. My feeling was that so often green is the color of life and healers’ duty is to preserve life. Of course, both your and my explanation both fit.

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  1. Matthew Runyon says:

    I appreciate the answer, thank you! I have to reread your books so many times and ponder so many things to understand them that sometimes I think everything has a deeper meaning, it’s always interesting to find the occasional simple answer.

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