November 30th Question

Have any of your books been optioned for movies or tv? Would love to see Recluce or Imager books on TV or in the theaters.

Over the years I’ve had a few inquiries about whether the rights were available for the Recluce books (which they are), but nothing has ever come of the inquiries. So far, I’ve never had any inquiries at all about the Imager Portfolio.

1 thought on “November 30th Question”

  1. Troy Jollimore says:

    The series I would think would make a great movie would be the Spellsong Cycle. It’s a story that would be easily adaptable to a screenplay, set in a Medieval atmosphere that gives enough of a suspension of disbelief to deliver its pro-feminism message without being perceived as too ‘woke’.

    It’s what Hollywood is clamoring for, along with being fresh new content at the same time!

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