October 6th Question

At the beginning of Fall of Angels the universe for the “Winterlance” is a Science Fiction setting. Have you ever written any Science Fiction novels based in this universe?

Over the years I’ve been asked about this, but I don’t have any plans to write a science fiction novel in that universe. I do reserve the right to change my mind, but that’s where matters stand now.

3 thoughts on “October 6th Question”

  1. Kevin Chick says:

    Thanks. I had been wondering if “The Parafaith War” had been set in this universe.

  2. Timothy Yablonsky says:

    Do you have a fairly realized concept or background for the Angels and Rationalists in their home universe even if you never wite about it?

    1. I do have basic concepts and some few details, but I’m not presently inclined to expand upon them.

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