September 6th Question

Do you have any large print books?

No, none of my books are available in large-print format. All of my books, however, are now available in audiobook form.

From what I can tell from a brief survey and search, there are virtually no F&SF books in large print format. Large print fiction books appear to be available only for romances, women’s fiction, mysteries, and westerns. Why, I have no idea, except those are categories that generally sell in higher numbers than most F&SF.

6 thoughts on “September 6th Question”

  1. Bob Vowell says:

    It’s probably because I’m just shy of 50 but I prefer printed books over digital devices. Unfortunately my eyes have gotten to the point that reading smaller print is hard. Reading on digital devices at least allows me the option to change the font size so i can see the text.

    1. Ronald Lambert says:

      That is a good idea. Thanks.

  2. Paul Holsinger says:

    I’m not really writing a comment as wondering how I can get a copy of all your books in hardbound format I’ve read every book you have written and I trying to figure out how to get a hard back copy of them all and possibly get the recluse saga books autographed I live in Polson Montana and getting your books at all is a chore in itself. Thank you very much, Paul

    1. Ten out of the first eleven books I wrote were never published in hardcover, although all of those ten later appeared in trade paperback format, some as omnibus editions. The first true hardcover was The Magic of Recluce, but there were less than 4,000 hardcovers of it printed.

      I haven’t been to Montana in more than twenty years, and, at my age, it’s hard to say if or when that might happen.

      1. Paul H Holsinger jr says:

        Well who would I contact to get a copy of each of your books when I was 20 I was at a laundromat and someone left it he magic of recluse I’ve read it like 30 times

        1. Unhappily, getting hardcover copies of my books is difficult… and often expensive. Amazon often has used hardcovers, as does Powell’s books. L.W. Curry is a specialty F&SF book dealer and has quite a few, but they can be pricy.

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