August 28th Question

I saw that you were considering a roleplaying game on Recluse in 2004… did anything come of that?

Over the years, I’ve granted three separate outfits the option to develop a Recluce game of some sort. Nothing ever came of any of the options.

5 thoughts on “August 28th Question”

  1. Anthony Persaud says:

    With your permission, I’d like to take a shot at it. I’m not a game designer by any stretch and would give it all to you to take to one… I just think it’s such a rich world that it would be great to have.

    Let me get started on it… just please give me a way to send you a Google Doc so you can check it out.

    1. I’ve sent an email to your address with details.

    2. Henry says:

      I am also interested. I believe Monte Cook’s Cypher System may be a good fit.

  2. Jamie Moffat says:

    I love Recluce. Would be a great world to play around in. Would be happy to collaborate here.

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