August 16th Question

When is your 4th book of the Grand Illusion series coming out?

After I finished writing Contrarian, I returned to writing in the Saga of Recluce. The story was a bit larger than I anticipated and encompasses four volumes. Since I just turned in the fourth book, it’s going to be a while before there are any more Grand Illusion books, and it’s too early to even guess at a date.

11 thoughts on “August 16th Question”

  1. Timothy Yablonsky says:

    Great to hear there might be a 4th Grand Illusion book! I greatly enjoyed Contrarian. Is there any chance you will be continuing with Steffan which I hope you do, or exploring a different time period in the Grand Illusion? Very much looking forward to From the Forest!

    1. I’m currently thinking about another Grand Illusion book, but I really don’t want to say more at this point.

  2. Carlton Peek says:

    Like said a long time ago “You write and I will read It, thanks again for the job you do!!

  3. Dave says:

    I like the Grand Illusion, but I’d MUCH rather have more books in the Imager universe, say 10 years on from Book 3 where Rhen is now the Maitre and his daughter is just about to embark on her training as an Imager.

    1. I appreciate your love of the Imager universe, but part of what I decide to write depends on several factors. First, it has to be something I love or want to do. Second, it has to be something my publisher will buy and publish. Right now, for better or worse, I don’t have an idea/concept that I love in the Imager universe.

  4. Mike Neal says:

    Will there be a fourth book in the grand illusion series? I thoroughly enjoyed the series. I have read almost all of your series, recluse, imager etc.

    1. I’m considering a fourth book, but I’ll just have to see if I can work it out.

  5. AC says:

    I don’t have a specific question per se.
    I love your books for the underlying message about seeing things as they are and not how we’d like them. I especially enjoyed this last series involving a blend of how a gov’t works and fantasy action. I hope there can be more of the Grand Illusion as well as the Imager series for the above reasons.

  6. Jean Pilon says:

    when will the 4th book grand illusion series be available to purchase

    1. That doesn’t get decided by Tor until after I finish a book, but it’s more than a year usually after I turn in a manuscript and Tor accepts it.

  7. Thank you for all of your books. I have all of them. I like them so much I reread them all the time. I like others are looking forward to a fourth Grand Illusion book. But until it’s released I will read whatever you publish

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