July 29th Question

I came across this article and wondered if there was a connection to your THE SPELLSONG CYCLE Series. If not then you may find this take on Archaeoacoustics interesting. Megaliths, Music & the Mind – The Latest in Archaeoacoustics Linda Eneix, The OTS Foundation for Neolithic Studies Academia Letters, December 2021 https://www.academia.edu/63669239/Megaliths_Music_and_the_Mind_The_Latest_in_Archaeoacoustics Also free at: https://otsf.org/megaliths%2C-music-%26-mind

No, there’s no direct connection to that finding. My speculations come from a more direct source — being married to an opera singer and director and seeing the effect that music can have on people. Also, from various other archaeological observations on structures, not to mention how societies and rulers have employed music as a tool for affecting their people.

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  1. Tom says:

    But your ability to transmute or metamorphose such information into comprehensible word art is, for me, exhilarating. The most recent delight being “Evanescence”: you really can write short stories! Thank you.

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