June13th Question

I am really enjoying The Grand Illusion series, and re-reading the first two whilst waiting for the third. I just wondered if there was a map to go with the books?

There isn’t a map for The Grand Illusion books, except for the rough one I drew for myself, largely because the majority of events take place in Machtarn. I realize that many readers like the maps, but they’re expensive from a production point of view, and publishers are reluctant to pay for something not considered vital.

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  1. Martin Sinclair says:

    I’ll confess that I have frequently flipped back to the map in the Recluce novels, not to mention the Imager novels. Would it be feasible to have maps available as a special-order item ? I suspect that the only way to do this in any sort of cost-effective away would be to ship digital images but then there’s the issue of unauthorised copies

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