June Question

I have read and re-read your books “Saga of Recluce” several times, and it seems to be that Hamor is ruled by 1 Lord but there used to be 4 separate rulers, what am I missing?

Over the course of history, Hamor has changed. There was one ruler who claimed to be an emperor of Hamor in the time of Lorn [Magi’i of Cyador and Scion of Cyador] but he didn’t rule the entire continent, just Afrit, while Atla was a loose confederation of tribes, and Merowey was independent. After the fall of Cyador [The Chaos Balance], the survivors of the emperor’s family fled to Hamor and began to carve out a land for themselves on the border between Merowey and Afrit [“Heritage” from Recluce Tales]. That land became the fourth country in Hamor. In Cyador’s Heirs and Heritage of Cyador, Lerial begins the process that will result in all of Hamor being unified, which occurs just before the beginning of NaturaL Ordermage.

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  1. Anthony Brewer says:

    Thank you for the answer it seems I missed the unification before the “Natural Ordermage”.

    1. There are only allusions to it, both in Natural Ordermage and particularly in Mageguard of Hamor.

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