May 5th Question

I have been reading your Recluse series since they started coming out moving on to the Imager Portfolio and Corean Chronicles I have now started with your Grand Illusion series. Throughout the other books I am able figure out the monetary system, distance, and a bit of at least the hours of the day, for that I just tie it to a 24 hour system. But what I would like to know is at least the age of the main characters. I feel when politics are involved age is a big factor. Also even thought all your books are fiction they have opened my eyes in how I look at our world and even try to see how our timeline fits in with the others.

Steffan Dekkard is roughly 27 at the beginning of Isolate, and Avraal Ysella is roughly three years older than Dekkard. The age of majority is 20 in Guldor.

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  1. Theresa Duke says:

    Thank you, knowing the ages helps make the story come alive, but also I do compare some of the actions in the books to what is going on here in the States, I can see some correlation between events here and those in the book.

    I do have trouble even in my mind on how to pronounce names in this series, I like Obreduur which sounds a bit German, but it seems that maybe you borrowed from European culture for names. My brain wants to pronounce The New Meritorist as the New Metorist. I have to remind myself it is merit orist and it is a speed bump in my reading.

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