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Unbeknownst to me, some software interfaces were combining to flag every question posed through the Ask the Author section of the website as spam, but spam of a sort that never even got to the spam section of email. Apparently, they went to spam limbo or the equivalent.

We THINK we’ve got the problem solved. At least test questions are now getting to me.

So if you have or had a question, please try again!

9 thoughts on “Questions for the Author”

  1. Alfred Heustis says:

    Will you do any appearances anytime during 2023 or ‘24

    1. The only appearance I have scheduled at present is as Guest of Honor at Balticon NEXT year 2024. Right now the logistics of making appearances are less than ideal. And no, I’m not in ill health or physically or mentally handicapped.

  2. Hendrik Hols says:

    having read you novels repeatedly, some 4 or 5 times, imust say I find you style of writing about the “everyday” things most relaxing, I find a comfort in it. I like your fantasy for the adolescent in me, your ” White Ghost” series and more recently your “Illusions” series keeps my attention. When will write more sci-fi? I think you have a subtle imagination, just reading your ” The One Eyed Man”, I think you have a keen mind and you reveal that in your characters..

    It’s good stuff.

    1. Right now, as I’ve posted, I’m working on a Recluce novel. After I finish with that, I’ll have to see what I’ll write next. At this point I honestly don’t know.

  3. Ellen Russak says:

    Have you considered a novel connecting the founding of Fairhaven and how it became “the city of white”? As I reread the Cerryl books I wonder how the city Beltur created become the city Cerryl lived in.

  4. Lorien Eileen Phippeny says:

    Greetings ! I LOVE your writing and have
    found solace in dozens of your books, several
    of which I have read multiple times, each
    time learning more.
    My favorite is The Forever Hero. Especially
    given the state of our precious Planet today,
    Gerswin is the example to emulate for those of
    is able to discern that deeply.
    THANK YOU for caring about Existence so
    much , and so intricately, that you write like
    this !!!!! (I realize 5 exclamation points is
    a lot, but You deserve it ! . )
    The Forever Hero inspired me so much
    that I am exploring my own writing.


    Also, The Forever Hero should obviously be
    made into a movie. Is this in the works ?

    1. Over the years, several individuals have looked into making movies of my works, incuding The Forever Hero. Nothing has yet come beyond such inquiries.

  5. Kevin Brown says:

    Hi – Love your books. Since tours these days are less for most all authors – do you offer sending out signed bookplates. I know it is a hit and miss with authors but thought I would ask. Sincerely Kevin

    1. I will send out signed bookplates. Just email me at the address on the website with your name and address.

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