False Fearmongering

I keep getting emails from the far right that scream “the Socialists are coming” or “left wing terrorists threaten Trump supporters” or “Hollywood is trying to buy Congress” or “Stop Political Persecution by DOJ” or “Keep the FBI out of Your House.”

All of them are scare tactics that can’t or won’t come true.

But if I sent out a political email that said, “Vote Against the Religious Jihadists Who Destroyed U.S. Women’s Freedoms!” I’d be considered an unhinged exaggerator at best and a hatemonger at worst.

And yet, that email I can’t send would be more accurate than all the rightwing scare tactics that currently fill the internet and infosphere.

Seven of the nine justices on the Supreme Court are Catholics (or 6 ½ if you consider that Gorsuch was raised Catholic and now professes to be Anglican), and six of the seven effectively voted to take away a woman’s control of her own body.

That wasn’t a scare tactic. It already happened… and it seems like eighty percent of Americans have forgotten that our Supreme Court is dominated by members of a minority ultra-conservative belief that wants to return American women to being broodmares.

Inflation will come and go, and even if it doesn’t immediately subside, it doesn’t take your freedoms; it just raises the cost of living. As for the “socialists coming,” the members of the so-called left wing in the United States would qualify as centrists in most first world democratic societies. I certainly don’t call investigating the theft of government documents and classified materials “political persecution,” and no one else should either. And I don’t see that the FBI will be breaking into everyone’s house, possibly the local police in certain communities, but not the FBI, if for no other reason than there aren’t enough FBI agents to come anywhere close to the number required.

Yet a vast number of Americans will vote based on unrealistic fears, rather than against the political party who appointed American religious fanatics to the Supreme Court, fanatics who make no secret about their desire to reduce personal freedoms even more, based on a faith practiced by a minority of the American people.

3 thoughts on “False Fearmongering”

  1. Postagoras says:

    Fear-mongering certainly works, especially at the local level.

    I’m troubled that the word Republican does not appear in your post, since this is the Republican platform. Dare I say that you’re ignoring the, um, elephant in the room?

  2. KTL says:

    Yes, this fearmongering works and always has.

    I am disappointed that the Democrats won’t engage fully in this practice in order to make it an unproductive avenue for both. One means that would surely cut off the consistently right leaning elderly vote is to brand Republicans as anti-socialist, pro-libertarians who are surely aiming at taking away social security for elderly Americans. (Note the handy use of social in both). If Democrats can’t fight with ‘political judo’, then they will continue to lose the opportunity to fight to govern.

    Yeah, I know, principles.

  3. Jane says:

    Partisans of all stripes use fearmongering to motivate people. Ho-hum. States have the power to keep abortion legal. Fight that fight.

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