The Liars/Hypocrites Party

According to recent polls, roughly 60% of registered Republicans and Republican office-holders have now endorsed the lie that Trump had the election stolen from him by fraud. In addition, the Republican leadership is effectively ostracizing any Republican office-holder who dares to tell the truth.

The real issue is no longer just about that lie. It’s about the fact that the majority of Republicans will not only blatantly lie, but will reject the facts and the truth in that instance, especially when Trump administration officials refuse to testify about what happened on January 6th and when Trump himself attempts to keep records secret which would reveal what happened behind the scenes.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, not when the vast majority of deaths from COVID are now among the unvaccinated [largely Republicans] who refuse to believe the cold hard statistics about who is dying and who is not. When people will die because they refuse the facts, why should I be surprised that they’ll accept another big lie about who really won the election.

Republicans claim that life is sacred, and that’s why they want to ban abortion. So why do they so strongly oppose aid to children born in poverty through no fault of their own? By their logic, children in both situations are faultless and need help, but apparently only the unborn deserve it…and only until they’re born, which is quite convenient for the Republican pocketbook.

And because abortion is still largely governed by state law, poor women in Republican-dominated states would be impacted far more than wealthy women, but, again, Republicans seem immune to the hypocrisy of their policies.

This sort of lying and hypocrisy is exemplified by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, who has steadfastly voted against disaster aid to other states on the grounds that such aid is not the role of the federal government, but who is now demanding aid for his home state since it’s been hit by massive tornadoes.

Republicans also theoretically believe in local political control, but only if it’s Republican. That’s why they split Salt Lake City, which is heavily Democratic, into four parts, each part being included and outvoted by heavily Republican suburban and rural interests. So although I live more than two hundred fifty miles from Salt Lake City, and Salt Lake City has very different needs from Cedar City, a part of Salt Lake City is in the second congressional district, and I can almost guarantee that the Republican incumbent’s attention is only marginally focused on the needs of his urban constituency.

I’m not saying that Democrats aren’t hypocritical, but today’s Republicans have taken lying and hypocrisy to an all-time low. Not only that, but they’re shameless about it.

4 thoughts on “The Liars/Hypocrites Party”

  1. MRE says:

    I agree entirely. I’ve been fiscally conservative and socially liberal most of my adult life. But the GOP hit some bizarre tipping point where they simply stopped caring about objective truth. I’m voting democratic until some sanity pendulum swings back the other way…but I worry it won’t be before the GOP actually gerrymanders and suppresses their way into national office. And if it’s Trump..he’s not gonna leave voluntarily (once again, objective evidence is available to support this hypothesis: he tried to avoid leaving last time!)

    It really crystallized for me when the night of the election, a number of conservative bloggers I follow suddenly became CERTAIN the election was stolen. No better evidence than internet “experts” was provided, and every serious attempt to prove it was laughed out of court.

    But that simply didn’t matter to the blogger or the die-hands reading him. They just wanted the fight, and loved that someone was willing to feed them the lies that would let them break the system to get their way. And since then, the level of insanity isn’t falling, it’s just gone dormant until silly season comes around again. I hope smart people have a plan for when Democrats crap the bed and the Republicans try to ignore their states’ voters.

  2. Postagoras says:

    I actually disagree. Sure, you can call them hypocrites, but it’s a diabolical marketing policy. It’s the only policy that the national Republican party has.
    They’ve groomed a reliable set of voters that sees themselves as cowboys despite relying on government programs and infrastructure. By creating this bogeyman of “the Government” as the problem, the national Republican party gets rewarded for not passing legislation. It’s mind-boggling.
    These reliable Republican voters are triggered by key words like taxes, abortion, crime and immigrants and only respond to the simplest of “solutions”. That is, make the bad thing go away.
    When this is rebuffed by Democrats who respond with nuance and reasons for exceptions, it plays into the Republican party strategy. They don’t mind losing these battles, because it preserves their electoral marketing campaign.
    That’s also why the real work of Congress, the boring stuff about budgets, ends up getting passed as a massive omnibus bill each session. It’s way too big for their voters to look at, and there’s sure to be one or two tiny items that can be harped on as “the evil swamp strikes back”.

  3. R. Hamilton says:

    Whatever the Republicans may do, it can never match the EVIL of the left, which is a lie simply by existing. Everything the left does depends not on solving big problems, but on keeping the problems around and convincing voters that only they can control those problems; indeed, they invariably make things worse, whether with welfare, “defund the police”, indulging green excesses when a less restrained private sector would more quickly bring alternatives to a deployable level, or simply that socialism never creates, only destroys.

    “Never let a good crisis go to waste” sums them up, it’s NEVER about anything but more power for them.

    So even a (maybe, they have the dead constituency locked down) legitimate win by Democrats is theft of liberty.

    1. Wine Guy says:

      There are so many problems with your post that it isn’t even wrong.

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