Failure to Convict?

The Republicans have tried to make an issue out of the idea that the country will be better off if former President Trump is NOT convicted of inciting the January 6th demonstration and riot that resulted in five deaths to date and injuries, many of them severe, to 140 police officers.

Tell me again how the country would be better off when a rich, white, powerful politician is acquitted of inciting a riot that damaged the nation’s capitol, had lawmakers fearing for their lives, and caused deaths and widespread injuries, when thousands of minorities have been jailed merely for taking part in peaceful demonstrations in attempts to obtain fair and equal enforcement of the law.

Acquitting Trump would be yet another example of white privilege carried to the extreme… and the Republicans think the nation would be better off as a result?

This is a man who had non-violent protesters tear-gassed so that he could use a church for a photo-op, a man who has consistently supported and praised white-supremacist groups, a man who spent over two months trying to discredit the most-fraud free election in U.S. history, and who attempted what would have been called a coup, had it occurred in any other country.

And the Republicans think an acquittal will cause the divisions in the United States caused by centuries of inequality in justice, in income, and in civil rights to go away? Or even improve the situation?

An acquittal would declare to the nation and the world that not only do most Republican senators have neither ethics nor courage, but that the Republican Party fears that it cannot win elections without the support of white supremacists and that Republicans have no intention of ever addressing the real problems facing the nation.

9 thoughts on “Failure to Convict?”

  1. Tom says:

    In WW I the officers led their men “over the top” and they knew that they would inevitably be followed by similarly “brave” individuals holding the same US, British, French, and German “values”.

    It is very much more difficult to be brave by oneself. Going home and facing gun carrying cowards in your primaries.

    If your colleagues and your base does not reflect the conservative values then it is vary hard to fight for these values alone.

    St Peter will ask “Why”? You reply “I took an Oath”! St Peter says ” So! Why?”

  2. Grey says:

    What is disturbing is the number of Republicans and their premier media supporters saying that the country needs to move on from accountability, or there will be more trouble or violence as a result.

  3. John Prigent says:

    Watching from the other side of the Atlantic, I have to say that despite the BBC’s apparent prejudice toward Democrat ideas, I saw no violent entry ro a public building. I did see its doors opened by an official for members of the electorate who wanted to lobby their representatives. and I did see video clips of violence toward some of those who entered but not by them – the only death shown was a policewoman shot by one of her comrades who failed to follow standard instructions for the use of firearms that the weapon should be properly aimed at a legitimate target. I don’t beleve that policewoman was a legitimate target, but perhaps there were others not covered by the BBC.

    1. Chris says:

      You should watch the video presentation(s) the Democrats gave during day 2 of the impeachment trial. There are many examples in it of the Capital Police being overrun, the insurrectionists breaking the windows and trying to force their way in, and the one person that was shot actively pushing with the crowd to get into the chamber.

    2. The BBC must have sanitized the footage! A huge amount. Also, the woman killed wasn’t a policewoman. She was an air force veteran who was part of the riot. Here in the U.S. we saw scenes of the crowd breaking windows to get entry. I saw a policeman being crushed against a door and police being attacked by flagpoles used as spears or lances and baseball bats. If you didn’t see all that on the BBC, I’d say its bias was toward the Republicans.

      1. Tom says:

        The BBC did not ‘sanitize’ the footage and did indeed describe the carnage. Even the Telegraph had some of the overt photos; days after the event.


      2. John Prigent says:

        Very interesting, thanks! It makes me glad to be in the UK.

  4. Jeff says:

    The idea of not convicting in the impeachment and leaving him to be convicted in the courts sounds a lot more destructive to the nation. I can’t believe that McConnell and Portman both said Trump is guilty but begged out on a constitutional question. I was surprised by Burr, but like his reasoning. Now, if he is prosecuted, the blame will be on Biden’s Justice Dept or on the various state organizations.

  5. starlee hays says:

    I agree with your comments. I am very very afraid for our country and what these “like minded” people are doing to it and what their plans are for the future. We do not need a civil war but, in my eyes, it looks like it is coming. I fear for our country’s future.

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