More Audiobooks Coming

For those of you who like my work in audio format, the latest news is that Tantor Media, an imprint of RBMedia, has purchased the rights to produce 17 backlist titles of my work. This arrangement will mean that all of my fiction will be available in audio format, and these titles will be able to be purchased either through Tantor or through Audible.

The titles involved include the four Ecolitan books, the three Ghost books, both Timegod books, Archform:Beauty, Flash, The Eternity Artifact, The Ethos Effect, The Octagonal Raven, Empress of Eternity, The Elysium Commission, and Viewpoints: Critical [collected stories].

At this point, because there isn’t a production/publication schedule yet, I don’t know which of these titles will come first or in what order, but, at times like these, good news shouldn’t be hoarded.

8 thoughts on “More Audiobooks Coming”

  1. Arin Komins says:

    That is fantastic news! I have all of these already, but will happily listen as well. Have narrators been chosen yet?

    1. I doubt it very seriously, given that Tantor only got recordable texts last week.

  2. Ursula Mayr says:

    So glad to hear this! I love the ghost books



  4. Brady Russell says:

    I am very excited for “The Ethos Effect” to come to the audiobook medium. It impacted me during my formative years, and I really appreciate it years later.

  5. Grace says:

    I’ve been listening to the Graphic Audio books (with multiple actors). I hope that all of the books are produced this way. They have been a fun listen

  6. Jo says:

    I’ve asked Tantor twice when Flash and Afterform Beauty will be released as audiobooks. Both times they replied that they didn’t know when they’d be recorded or released. Can you tell me when they’ll be released?

    1. Tantor purchased the rights to publish all of my backlist — seventeen books — that had not already appeared in audio a little more than a year ago. Over that year, they’ve produced and released fifteen of the seventeen, the fifteenth of which came out last week. While I cannot promise anything, I’d be very surprised if the last two did not appear within a few months, but Tantor contractually has until December of 2022 to publish them.

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