Authors’ Most Memorable Meals

Lawrence M. Schoen, an American author, publisher, psychologist, hypnotist, and expert in the Klingon language — and a friend — has compiled what may be one of the more fascinating F&SF books for this year — EATING AUTHORS: One Hundred Writers’ Most Memorable Meals .

Laurence, in addition to having written some notable SF, is also a gourmand and is married to a gourmet chef, and he’s known for putting together gourmet dinners for other authors at outstanding restaurants in the vicinity of F&SF conventions (we each paid for our own meals, but I doubt we ever would have found the restaurants outselves). Less fortunately, he recently recovered from prolonged cancer treatments, and as both thanks and payback, he has put together EATING AUTHORS as a kickstarter project, but 100% of any profits after publication costs will go to Cancer Research and the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund.

And yes, I am one of the authors who provided a memorable meal… and it’s likely to be one of the most memorable meals you’ve ever read about.

The kickstarter will go live tomorrow, and the link to the campaign’s webpage is:

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