One-Eyed Man Promotion

Just on this coming Saturday, April 4th, Tor is making the e-book version of The One-Eyed Man available for just $2.99.

Because it’s just a one-day promotion, let friends or relatives know that, if they haven’t read any of my science fiction, this is a good opportunity to pick up one of my favorite titles for a whole lot less.

3 thoughts on “One-Eyed Man Promotion”

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks. I will probably take the plunge for that price. Have read all of your fantasy but none of the science fiction. Might as well try a different genre for me.

  2. rik says:

    Amazon has the mass market paperback at $2.99 ant the e-book at $7.99.

    1. I know… but that’s not what Tor told me. And two days ago, the Tor/Forge blog listed the promotion. I’ll have to check into what happened.

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