New Story and Shapers of Worlds

For the last two years, the Canadian author and small press publisher Edward Willett has been doing a podcast called The Worldshapers, where he interviews F&FS authors. He recently decided to put together an anthology of stories from the authors he interviewed in first year, and I happened to be one of those authors.

The anthology, unsurprisingly, is called Shapers of Worlds, and the catch is that it’s a kickstarter project, and you won’t get to read my new story unless the kickstarter funds. Among the authors who’ve agreed to provide a brand new story are: David Weber, Tanya Huff, D.J. [Dave] Butler, Seanan McGuire, Christopher Ruocchio, and, of course, me. Other noted authors are providing previously published stories.

If you’re interested, here’s the site. The URL is, or the much shorter

1 thought on “New Story and Shapers of Worlds”

  1. Tom says:

    Anthologies are usually a mixed bag quality-wise but not this “Shapers of Worlds”.

    Not just LEM’s story but the others I have already devoured.

    Available as an ebook but also as a hard copy coming out in time for Christmas.

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