Legacies — Low-Price Promotion

For the next several weeks, the ebook version of Legacies, the first book of the Corean Chronicles, will be sale for $2.99, including Kindle, Nook, and Kobo formats.

If you haven’t tried this series, it’s a good and inexpensive way to see if you or your friends would like it.

4 thoughts on “Legacies — Low-Price Promotion”

  1. Adam Pair says:

    Hello- I want to thank you of behalf of both myself and my 93 year old father. We have both enjoyed reading your works for many years. Right now, we are listening to the audio versions of the Recluse books and the Corean chronicles. The narration is very good. We had no idea how nice it would be to listen to these stories. It has been a good place for us to go to in some pretty hard times. Your books are unique in many ways, in the thoughtful approach that you use with how problems might be solved, and the care that is taken with character development. My Dad’s favorites are probably the stories about Karl. Thank you for all your works, and take care-

    1. Thank you. I deeply appreciate your years of support.

  2. Wenonah Lyon says:

    I just finished Beltur’s trilogy. I loved theending, the eery real Happy Evber After at the end. It’s fun as Belltur notices things that are part of earlier Recluce books (like the black too ordered chaiir or the Fairhaven reference) and wonders about it. I’ve got all your books – alll pre-ordered, hardbacks. I hope we learn more about Talilya.

    1. Fairhaven Rising, which will be released a year from now, is all about Taelya.

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